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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Frey Amos R Harvey Amy J 1927
Frey Frank S Talkington Hazel 1920
Frey George V Weaver Audra E 1903
Frey John Hansen Lou G 1893
Frey Otto L Watson Anna M 1910
Friaz Benjamin D Fierro Marcelina 1927
Friend Anna Drummond W P 1883
Frink M M Byers Hattie 1898
Fristoe Marion A Ayers Ray M 1924
Fritts Josiah Osmer Mary J 1885
Fritts Percilla Lyons Aaron D 1872
Fritts Rachel Floyd Charles W 1878
Fritz H S Linck Mary A 1888
Fritz Henry Crawford Julia Ann 1882
Fritze Martha Lankow W J 1898
Fritze Theodore E Bibbert Bertha 1895
Fritze Valentine Thompson Carrie 1875
Frobeniuws Edmund Koegeboehn Minnie 1900
Frost L O Kay Nora A (May?) 1885
Frost Zella McKinney Thomas W 1901
Fry Frank Stenzel Helena 1880
Fry Julius W Byler Fredrica 1879
Fry Thomas P Heckendorn Olive 1898
Fuentez Joze Forez Anastasia 1923
Fulhem Bethel E Grandy Victor J 1919
Fulkerson Rose Ellen Henry Charles R 1929
Fullen Lillian McCluskey S J 1913
Fuller Frank Albin Mary 1895
Fuller Lillie Mae Gibb Alexander R 1900
Fuller Mabel Bowers William R 1937
Fuller W C Gillett A H 1882
Fullum Beula A Chism Leslie C 1920
Funk Cletya L Thomas Preston B 1918
Funk Elizabeth Betty Goetz H Norton 1938
Funk Erma B Ethridge James L 1928
Funk J Calvin Powell Grace E 1914
Funk Streeter L Combes Esther M 1924
Funk Ver M Williams Dean E 1932
Furman Henry G Brown Mary A 1885
Gabriel Robert E Snyder Dorothy E 1902
Gaddie Blanche Hays Harry L 1911
Gaddie Francis M Talkington Anna 1889
Gaffney Ralph Marion McIlvain Nellie Elizabeth 1933
Gaffney Geneva B Houser George C 1924
Gaffrey George Gollier Clare M 1918
Gaffrey Roy S Pruitt Pauline 1930
Gaffrey Zelia M Kaub Keith A 1933
Gailey Hubert H Adkins Leone B 1931
Gailey Wilburn D White Dorothy 1938
Galarza Feleciano Escalante Maria E 1922
Galettly John Rickabaugh Laura 1890
Gallagher James Kelley Mary Ann 1888
Gallegos Soledad Carrillo Biviano 1937
Gallentine Nelson Sharpe Lulu 1901
Galletly Charlotte Porter James 1889
Galletly James Race Edith 1889
Galloway George L Hughes Eva Marie 1936
Gamble Henophen Gamble Mary Jane 1895
Gamble Mary Jane Gamble Henophen 1895
Gamer Catherine Wiebrecht Henry 1920
Gamer Edward J Romigh Alice C 1891
Gamer Elen Daub Oscar A 1908
Gamer Eugene F Stubenhofer Ellen Grace 1915
Gamer Frank P Powers Mary E 1900
Gamer Harry M Foxworthy Lilah S 1914
Gamer Joseph F Truitt Helen C 1931
Gamer Marie T Copeland Harry B 1917
Gamer Mary T Hensler Louis J 1911
Gamsha Effie Nichols Silas G 1907
Gandy A P Cramer Louisa P 1887
Gandy Chester H Morkeljerd Dora 1886
Gandy Florence J Strader Thomas A 1887
Gandy May F Holsinger W H 1877

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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