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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Gresham James Madison Meyer Anna S 1909
Gresham Walter J Finley Eula Frances 1913
Griest Dan T Coe Ella Mae 1924
Griffith Fred R Carlson Ester M 1922
Griffith George Shreve Sarah E 1865
Griffith George W Riggs Cora F 1898
Griffith Hugh E Reed Margaret M 1930
Griffith John B Mead Mitilda 1902
Griffith Mary A Coble R C 1866
Griffith Rosa Sayer william 1894
Griffitts Ethel M O'Connell George T 1930
Grigsby Lewis Olinger Maggie 1890
Grimmett Clara L Allen James A 1930
Grimmett Dale S Peer M Imogene 1930
Grimmett George DePriest Pauline R 1932
Grimmett Ivan E Pool Lucy H 1922
Grimmett Raymond K Buck Ava I 1933
Grimwood Frank E Morris Florence A 1898
Grimwood Frank L Smith Alpha J 1923
Grimwood Graham H Dwelle Ruth W 1917
Grimwood Mary Louise Crofoot Ray F 1925
Grimwood T J Young Henrie L 1920
Grimwood William H Graham Matie V 1891
Grinnel Louisa Topping George 1887
Grissom Anna Padgett Eugene W 1905
Grissom Cora E Sayre John W 1898
Grissom John M Pyles Mamie 1903
Groff Aopal Swanson erarl 1935
Grogan Harry B Burcham Bessie 1910
Grogan James B Henrickson Edna V 1920
Grogan Joseph F Snyder Anna B 1912
Groh Harry T Linger Helen L 1928
Groneaman H H Huth Minnie 1935
Grooms Albert C Curry Hazel H 1928
Grooms Nora M Shuck Oscar B 1931
Groos Albert F Roberts Bessie M 1889
Grosjean Wendell A Sears Eva F 1929
Gross Jane A Patton Earnest E 1901
Groundwater Rose Miller Harry 1913
Grover Isaac E Archer Dora Maud 1905
Grover Marion V Schinner Pearl Frances 1908
Grover Midred M Taylor Darrel A 1937
Groves Ida Mae Wood Robert L 1915
Groves Ralph Francis Haynes Iva Mabel 1934
Groves Sylvester J Leach Dorothy 1918
Grubbs Bessie Stanbrock Lee A 1906
Grubbs Grace Bradfield Louis 1931
Grubbs Roy B Doane Grace 1923
Gruel Thomas M Potee Ella 1889
Guarez Guadeluipe Aridondo Aureliano 1921
Guice John J Mathews Martha D 1911
Guidotte Beatrice Balch L W 1876
Guile Florence I Brown Glenn F 1932
Guile Winifred Clayton Edward 1935
Guinn Ethel Carr Rollie 1915
Guinney Goldah Lee E T 1911
Guirarte Petra O Querarte Francisco 1934
Guise Mary M Hodgson Joseph E 1924
Guiton Julia B Thompson Willis L 1922
Gumwalt Arminnie M Beals Enos 1885
Gunkel George W Wudtke Mary 1937
Gunkel Glenn G Torrens Alice E 1924
Gunkel Lena Ryman Ben 1920
Gunkel P S Copeland Elizabeth 1918
Gunter Jennive M Carson Ivan E 1925
Gunzelman J D McCauley Dorothy Edna 1916
Gurney Charles F Bradley Effie M 1908
Gurney Clara E Cooper James C 1917
Gurney Elva Irene Waddell Robert M 1937
Gurney F A Harker Anna Mae 1885
Gurney Fanny Wagoner william H 1915
Gurney Lee J Hunt Virginia L 1924
Gurney Phila I Taylor Meridith G 1924

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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