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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Harbour Austin H Foister Violet M 1925
Harbour Belle Hyson Harry 1898
Harbour Dora Spitler Carriey R 1913
Harbour George M McKnight Nora M 1894
Harbour George W McElfresh Emma 1891
Harbour Henry Deering Lea 1892
Harbour Mary A Snodgrass Clemence P 1886
Harbour Nancy Johnson Madison 1873
Harbour Ollie Kidd Arnold Lee 1896
Harburger Dorothya Mary Baker Don Daniel 1934
Harden D S Hirtler Mary May 1915
Harder Albert Daub Mary 1904
Harder C J Robinson Mary 1888
Harder Denia McRae James W 1911
Harder Grace Britain Winfred A 1925
Harder Laurenia G Fitch Leo E 1925
Harder Mary Newman George W 1884
Harder Matilddia E Farris William M 1896
Harder Nettie F Pracht Frederick O 1912
Harder William P Daub Susie 1889
Hardesty Mary Clyde William K 1918
Hardesty Orlo W Titel Maude E 1923
Hardesty Viva Minnie Forbeck Harvey Nicholas 1934
Harding O Franklin Anderson Lillian Beatrice 1935
Harding Thomas J Gettley Mabel 1926
Hardison Jessie A Cox Harry 1899
Hardtarter Oscar Miles Hefling Hazel Marion 1934
Hardway Agnes Hardway Hirma M 1890
Hardway Hirma M Hardway Agnes 1890
Hargret Mary Ellen Powell Edward Wesley 1886
Hargrove Nancy J Davidson Silas P 1892
Hark Joseph D Price Mary A 1912
Harker Anna Mae Gurney F A 1885
Harlan Amanda Orrill W C 1900
Harlan Anna Jackson William R 1910
Harlan Charles K Wright Alice W 1888
Harlan Dorothy A Bocook Adrian E 1925
Harlan Fanny Giese Henry H 1908
Harlan Jennie W Watchous Clarence R 1925
Harlan John L Sutherland Ruth K 1933
Harlan Lulu Derwood Clyde 1907
Harlan M L Naylor Nellie M 1886
Harlan Maud H Underwood Edward G 1911
Harlan Ollie Bandy Albert R 1912
Harlan Rosa Wagoner Fred 1905
Harlan Thelma Webb Homer S 1918
Harlan Thomas Naylor Nannie A 1886
Harlan Willis Watchouse Etta 1914
Harley John A Debbie Maud K 1887
Harllin Joseph Andreals Mary C 1887
Harman M K Sieker Lydia R 1898
Harman Margaret Marie Parrish Leon Gilbert 1934
Harman Mary Brecht Nicholas 1876
Harman Ralph McDowell Nannie A 1910
Harmon M K Deering Lizzie 1908
Harness Virgin John Bolder Clara Marie 1934
Harp Viola Harris P H 1926
Harper Armina B Johnson C D 1885
Harper Charles O Woodroof Ina Mae 1929
Harper J A Phillips A W 1880
Harper Lydia A Barr Oliver 1878
Harper Olive Harrison Alfred D 1893
Harper Ora C Fishburn David E 1875
Harper Rachel Benbow ephraim 1884
Harper Ula Reed Thomas 1887
Harpole Alfred Miller Jane 1860
Harr Mabel Tefft Charles A 1924
Harriman Alice Dobson Edwin James 1936
Harrington Lucy J Mercer D W 1894
Harrington David A Lammon Sarah Jane 1866
Harriott Dorothy F Wooldridge Kenneth W 1934

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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