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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Harwood Gerald M Clark Florence Geraldine 1920
Harwood Malcolm F Langdon Charlotte A 1931
Haskell Ethel Bray Roy 1915
Haskell F G Tarrant Edna 1913
Haskell Frank Crawford Lila Marie 1938
Hasker Genevieve M Smith George Thomas 1934
Hasket Selden Mabel Mary 1871
Haskins Martha A Hancock William J 1877
Hass Ray Randall Lizzie M 1911
Hassan Henry Edwards Risetta 1891
Hassan Pearl Hamm J W 1920
Hatcher Chester Graham Dorothy 1938
Hatcher Robert H Kersh Ruth J 1931
Hatcher William Harris Florence E 1896
Hathman Ruth Davis Burgess 1936
Hatteberg Eloise B Kaufman Otto O 1934
Hatter John W Mealey Olive F 1910
Hatter Ollie Crouch William M 1927
Hatton Mary M Congdon Morrison W 1913
Hauck Verne S McQuown Gladys E 1912
Haughton Bertha P Crowell Ralph K 1932
Haulman Blanche Wade F W 1918
Haun Cecil L Davis Fred A 1936
Hauselman Frances V Pinkston Ephriam 1918
Haven Esther L Cash John L 1887
Haven Leona E Scott Laird 1930
Haw May King Charles A 1895
Hawes Booker Foster Edna M 1923
Hawkins Alfred Ballew Josie M 1904
Hawkins Alta White Landy 1911
Hawkins Claude W Crawford Celia 1902
Hawkins Estella Jones Artie 1899
Hawkins Fred Green Mary A 1906
Hawkins Irene Moyle Ralph E 1935
Hawkins Jennie Swenson Lee J 1936
Hawkins Richard Pracht Marie 1936
Hawkins Susan F Patton John T 1870
Hawley J H Wright M J 1890
Haworth Fred J Palmer Ferrol 1925
Haworth Mary R Redelfs Lambert J 1926
Haworth Oromund H Cox Aletha I 1930
Haworth Shannon McCormick Ida 1884
Hawthorne J A Yeoman Ada 1919
Haxton Harley Dewwees Viola M 1935
Hayden Charles Vetter Ida 1890
Hayden Dora J Forney Edward D 1896
Hayden George M Winters Ella 1890
Hayden Gertrude E Willey Roy E 1919
Hayden Harry W Crow Evelyn 1936
Hayden Helen M Hammer Henry L 1871
Hayden Herbert R Vetters Carrie 1895
Hayden Jennie E Akers H E 1895
Hayden John H Larkins Emma A 1888
Hayes Albert E Norris Mabel 1870
Hayes Anna D Francis Henry J 1880
Hayes Elmer Ellsworth Fisher Emma Jane 1889
Hayes George Dewey Moore Marian G 1918
Hayes Georgia Hazel Humphrey Robert B 1917
Hayes Herman J Cooper Bertha L 1923
Hayes Nora B Lowry William t 1907
Hayes Perry G Spencer Myrtle E 1921
Haynes Iva Mabel Groves Ralph Francis 1934
Hays Anna D Mitchell E 1876
Hays Beryl G Stout Wilbur A 1936
Hays Brice M Hays Glennie 1900
Hays Carrie E Moore John E 1885
Hays Charles E Williams Fanny 1886
Hays David Lawson Ethel 1920
Hays Dora J Howe Rufus C 1899
Hays E L White Charlotte E 1880
Hays Etta Uhl P G 1896
Hays Glennie Hays Brice M 1900
Hays Grace G Blackburn Robert Z 1897
Hays Harry L Gaddie Blanche 1911
Hays Madge Perrigo Charles W 1887

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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