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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Hurley Martha Gilbert Isaac 1907
Hurst Calvin M Johnson Melvina E 1925
Hurst Virginia Merwin Joe 1902
Hurst William J Sheehan Lillian E 1900
Hush Kenneth W Burnes Mildred E 1930
Huss Merle E Franklin Bessie E 1927
Husted Lucile R Shirk Lawrence E 1932
Huston Iantha L Huston W Vernon 1935
Huston W Vernon Huston Iantha L 1935
Hutchens Kenneth D Fisher Pearl 1922
Hutcherson Dennie M Largent C M 1885
Hutcheson Robert C Kerr Stella G 1892
Hutchinson Dale K King S Rosella 1927
Hutchinson Dewey G Rogler Beth E 1925
Huth Minnie Groneaman H H 1935
Huth William F+C4196 Stenzel Helen M 1929
Huxell Hildred E McKillop Harold C 1932
Hyde Preston C Hall Edna M 1927
Hyle Dorothy M Wood Elwin C 1925
Hyle Leona Wells Kipling M 1923
Hylton Chester L Richards Caroline 1938
Hylton Sherman Boyd Bessie 1925
Hysom Prentice E White Lucile A 1931
Hyson Harry Harbour Belle 1898
Ice Clement Shaft Jessie 1897
Ice Josephine C Darlington J D 1913
Ice Josie Jackson H B 1885
Ice Lee R Kelley Lida 1886
Ice Mary A Rothermel Milton P 1917
Iliff J Richard Gibb Edna E 1936
Ima L Eimer Leith John L 1936
ImMasche Edna Ruth Obley J C 1913
ImMasche Edward C Swope Lorena A 1899
ImMasche Minnie E Lawrence George E 1903
ImMasche Sarah V Makemson Ernest C 1911
ImMasche Victor L Kyle Berniece Vivian 1934
ImMasche Walter Arthur Wehrenberg Clara 1927
ImMasche William Jones Viva 1925
ImMasche William Lysle Margaret 1901
Imthurn Ruth M Horton Glen L 1928
Ingalls Viola Thel Yoakem Cecil Merle 1934
Ingersoll Ida Hickey B F 1879
Ingles Chris A Walker Bertha J 1922
Ingmere Annie E Cooley George W 1881
Ingraham Loretta Hall George W 1904
Inman W+C4056alter A Stinson Marie 1928
Irons George L Pierce Jessie 1896
Irving Wesley Frazier Maude 1914
Irwin Arthur Thornton elma 1935
Irwin Grace Smith Dwight H 1906
Irwin Lee Knowles Graham Mabel Edna 1934
Irwin Marjorie Crawford Park 1917
Irwin Viola E Hanson Carl 1910
Irwin Walter Parker Sayre Helen Pauline 1933
Isaacs George T Wilson Elsie L 1927
Isaacs Jim Edward Toburen Helen Francis 1934
Jack Hattie L Stephenson Howard C 1904
Jackson H B Ice Josie 1885
Jackson Barbara Gibson Arthur J 1911
Jackson Benjamin O Byerly Mabel C 1924
Jackson Bert Riggs Angie 1900
Jackson Bessie M Cooper Guy B 1910
Jackson Blanch Cox Walter L 1908
Jackson Charles H Harrison Tammer 1896
Jackson Charles L Richards Viola M 1900
Jackson Clara Lee Holdeman Charles H 1936
Jackson Clara M Mason Abraham L 1893
Jackson Clara S Bray James 1880
Jackson Dyson Warrall Anna P 1874
Jackson Eliza E Gibson William N 1898
Jackson Ella Bailey Grant W 1888
Jackson Ernest Doane Edna 1916
Jackson George R Nailer Hattie 1889

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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