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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Lawrence Lew A Patchen Pauline 1926
Lawrence Lizzie Perkins G F 1914
Lawrence Marie Gawith Ernest C 1918
Lawrence Marshal H Watchous Sarah K 1905
Lawrence Minnie Davis Espy B 1920
Lawrence Ray T Robinson Anna M 1927
Lawrence Sophia M E Schambron Louis E 1923
Lawrence Willard P Rice Stella B 1912
Lawrence William Peyton Marthey 1923
Lawson Agnes M Smith Rosebery 1926
Lawson Bessie M Hufferd Orville O 1926
Lawson Effie E Klinger Fred 1926
Lawson Ethel Hays David 1920
Lawson Iva L Heckathorn Milton H 1927
Lawson Nelson Johnson Diana 1874
Lawyer Bernice G Hahn Lance P 1930
Lay Roy H Shelton Vivien M 1926
Laylon Minne Smith Arrow 1891
Layman Nancy Jane Pracht J H 1869
Layman John D Ritchey Minnie M 1921
Layman R Aileen Pierce Lester C 1935
Layton Frank A Clough Vera 1918
Leabo Marie Smith Elmer G 1890
Leach Abraham V Talkington Adda 1890
Leach Anna M Holmes James J 1890
Leach Dorothy Groves Sylvester J 1918
Leach Emma S Carpenter Hubert 1907
Leach May E Shaft Enos C 1898
Leaphule Leatha Hensler Joseph H 1905
Leaphule Sarah F Pinkston Harrison L 1901
Learned Justave Hearlix Emma 1882
Leasphuel Annie Ballew Thomas 1901
Leavitt George W Greenwood Alice M 1890
Lebhart William Francis Maggie 1918
Lee Allie Cochran Lester C 1875
Lee Alvina Rodgers William 1891
Lee Clara M Pratt Edwin 1875
Lee Clint Westerdale Arrena 1895
Lee Cora Bell Swindall William M 1914
Lee E T Guinney Goldah 1911
Lee Ella Robertson Andrew J 1890
Lee Emma E Osborn Charles R 1889
Lee Frank Cartter Nannie 1890
Lee George D Howell Jenny 1882
Lee Gramy Oplin Matilda R 1889
Lee Jack R Huffman Edna M 1927
Lee Ruth Kusch Charles H 1922
Lee Sarah A Eldred Ervin A 1921
Leeder Lucian T Adams Ruth 1925
Leeder Robert W Graves Hazel 1931
Leeper Clara A Bailey J C 1921
Leeper Maude Crumm George F 1905
Leeson Clyde Campmier Anna E 1925
Leeson John Dains Opal M 1938
Leetoon James Hall L E 1883
Leger Mithilde Thomas Robert 1893
Legeres Aleradia Pottier Clovis 1885
Legg Livonia S Jacobs Charles W 1927
LeGresley Roscoe E Timmons Geneva L 1932
LeGresley Willam Henry Harris Bertha I 1938
Lehman Florence N Johnson William M 1931
Lehman Mary Baker Frank E 1930
Lehnherr John D Weeks Olive E 1924
Leik Lilly Green J G 1882
Leith Edna M Graber Lloyd L 1928
Leith John L Ima L Eimer 1936
Leland Eugene J Rogers ruth C 1926
LeMay Edna M Campbell Jess 1919
LeMay J E Goure Lenore 1927
LeMay Robert Campbell Thelma 1920
Lemmon William C Kennedy Rosa M 1908
Lentz Florence L Collins Vernie E 1933
Lentz J H Turley Betha 1912

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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