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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Lowery Miss S B Baker George L Jr 1902
Lowman Bessie M Krueger Herman 1924
Lowman Hazel A Odle Clarence F 1925
Lowman Linne A Parks L M 1918
Lowrie Harvey C Uebrick Elizabeth J 1910
Lowry J W Stropell Amy 1888
Lowry William T Hayes Nora B 1907
Loy Empson L Parkins Emily K 1866
Loy Jerome S Goudie Mina J 1884
Loy Mina J McKnight Horace 1897
Loyles Erma M O'Brien Roy 1931
Lubbe Catharan Wehrenberg John 1880
Luce E Z Gibson A A 1880
Luck Lenna D Skaer J H 1924
Ludlow J F Emerick Elizabeth 1878
Ludwig Anna E A Holdeman Reuben K 1907
Ludwig Erma L K Slabaugh Hazel Alvin 1934
Ludwig Lillian B Sanfords J C 1878
Ludwig Margaret Clara Deering Arthur L 1915
Ludwig Martin S Deering Mila I 1918
Ludwig Minnie Mendenhall C W 1915
Ludwig Susie Stamback Leonard W 1909
Ludwig Walter H Lewis Mabel M 1920
Ludy Marvin A Scott Melba Ozene 1937
Lumpkins Chester G Morrison Velma N 1929
Lund Adela C Costello Joseph 1906
Lunden Rudolph Kendall Grace M 1908
Luque Veldro Gil Bisenta 1914
Lutes Claude W Manley Iva E 1905
Luthi Fred Henderson Alice M 1933
Lutt Edward Bandy Virginia 1935
Lutt Irvin Deering Flora 1901
Lutt James D Foister Marie A 1929
Lutt Minnie L Deering Walter I 1929
Lutt Thomas Kelsheimer Clarice A 1909
Lutz H L Henry Nora B 1914
Lutz Gerald A James Evelyn A
Lutz Irene A Beardmore James W 1922
Lutz Sarah J Cook William H 1891
Lutz Sophia Pinkston Arthur O 1897
Lybarger Eva Counts William J D 1887
Lybarger Grace Smith Howard H 1904
Lyes Charles E Schambron Hattie J 1928
Lyles Eliza J Whipkey Hugh E 1905
Lyles James B Obley Edna C 1919
Lyles Marjorie M Doolittle Hal M 1936
Lyman Warren G Stevenson Avia C 1938
Lynch Peter R Clemens Lena G 1905
Lynn Fred James Ruth 1933
Lynn Harry S Gilliland Mary E 1929
Lynn Louise Keefever Frank L 1936
Lynn William Schuneman Martha M 1901
Lyon A D Yenglin Susan 1884
Lyon Anna Gardner Elias 1876
Lyon Elma Norene Crostler Charles Leonard 1934
Lyon Francis M McMannus Mary F 1872
Lyon Lizzie McMillan C C 1885
Lyon Mable R Davis William C 1932
Lyon S T Maynard Ida 1917
Lyon William Cole Adelia 1877
Lyons Aaron D Fritts Percilla 1872
Lyons Howard F Naylor Alta 1909
Lyons Isla M Probasco James S 1936
Lyons James T King Eva S 1923
Lysle Margaret ImMasche William 1901
Lytle George Franklin Sinclair Clara 1934
McCray DeViere Holzapfel Edith 1935
McCallum George A Young Pearl Alice 1933
Mabee Juanita L Nunnery Norman L 1930
Mabee Lorane E Bennett Oren E 1926
Mabel Mary Hasket Selden 1871
Mabell Annie Pinnick Edward R 1901

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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