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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Manley C G Alford Harriett 1874
Manley Iva E Lutes Claude W 1905
Manley Lucius Yeager Hester Ann 1869
Manley Susan Veburg Augustus 1872
Manley William H French Permelia 1871
Manley William H Morris Mary J 1881
Mann Bert Stewart Lizzie 1895
Mann Charity Maxwell William 1888
Mann George H Selves Kate C 1888
Mann Hattie Palmer Roville 1895
Mann J J Wheeler N V 1935
Mann Jesse Stephenson Elizabeth A 1881
Mann Katie E Hinote William 1888
Mann L E Eldred Abbie May 1895
Mann L O Shipley Christina 1874
Mann Madge Bocook Clinton 1910
Mann Nettie McClellan George 1896
Mann Rose E Daniels George M 1880
Mann Samuel O Rutledge Margaret Ann 1870
Mann William A Stewart Mary J 1890
Mantz Nellie I Conley Charles M 1913
Mapes Eleanor N Aaron Alonzo J 1927
Marchall Gracy M Myers David 1903
Mardin N S Hayworth E M 1867
Mark Georgia Lanning George 1914
Marks William Harold Klump Thelma Amanda 1934
Marlen Annie A Ahnefeldt F W 1903
Marlen Sherman N Harrmen Bertha M 1903
Marley Barry Meager Anna 1890
Marriott George Proof Mary E 1882
Marriotte Sarah Davidson J J 1877
Marrow Sillas Levell Richard 1918
Marsh Alice V Goad Willard L 1927
Marshall H E Calvert Ruby 1923
Marshall Joseph Lewis Cora Bell 1890
Marshall Paul S Alley Opal A 1931
Marshinsky Josie P Smith Edward H 1915
Martin Alice M Anderson Archie F 1924
Martin Andrew Jackson Thomas Letha Agnes 1934
Martin B F Gasaway Celia 1903
Martin Bertha L Simpson Albert W 1921
Martin Dorothy Mae Stafford James Orville 1934
Martin Edward J Traner Gladys I 1924
Martin Emma H Brandley W H 1900
Martin Florence E Dawson Carl O 1924
Martin George W Garner Mary 1900
Martin Grace M Rothfuss Albert F 1919
Martin Grant K Reynard Leora F 1911
Martin Harry L Smith Marie C 1935
Martin James Vinson Henrietta 1877
Martin Jester L Evans Marvin L 1932
Martin Jim Brown Margarette M 1930
Martin John H Jones Franky D 1878
Martin John H Wolfinger Florence G 1921
Martin John M Brown Louise E 1899
Martin Katie F Brown Virgil 1889
Martin Leonard E Kennedy Ethel D 1902
Martin Leroy Earle Mary 1879
Martin Leroy Holsinger Arabella D 1907
Martin Louisa C Niestedt William W 1928
Martin Louise B Smith EverettK 1930
Martin Lucile Rockhill Ray 1929
Martin Lucius R Humbert Mary A 1896
Martin Manna C Bass Ida Belle 1908
Martin Margaret F Stubenhofer Paul A 1920
Martin Margaret L Holtz Leo G 1908
Martin Mary E Stubenhofer William 1900
Martin Maude Knepp E M 1900
Martin Maude B Fowler Lee 1929
Martin Nora Grace Crawford Robert Lyman 1934
Martin Orville M Collins Cecelia O 1900
Martin Peter Martino Roslie 1868
Martin Ralph W Allen Mildred I 1929
Martin Richard Crowley Laura 1901
Martin Terrance B Logsdon Lizzie N 1911
Martin W P Kellogg Lorinda 1876
Martin Welda O Mussy Rena M 1908

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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