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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Maynard Ida Lyon S T 1917
Mayo Jessie Stephens Lewis H 1901
Mays Ross J Drake Mary Ellen 1932
Mayse Wallace Housley Evelyn 1936
McAlister Aaron Obley Orpha 1889
McAuley Mary L Madsen Willie 1927
McCabe Andrew Kerwin Katherine 1898
McCabe Andrew J Pendergraft May E 1909
McCabe Bernard F Wisel Jane 1867
McCabe Florence M Scott Rollie O 1938
McCabe James Ryan Lottie 1892
McCabe Joe R Miller Myrtle M 1928
McCabe Lillian Ford Guy 1913
McCabe Opal C Kirk Victor T 1912
McCabe Patrick Sharp Abbie E 1869
McCabe Robert L McCracken Ida W 1911
McCabe Ruth Swanson Leroy C 1930
McCabe Thomas Murphy Ellen 1899
McCabe Thomas E Fillmore Ethel Mae 1936
McCallum Agnes D Wells John J 1920
McCallum George A Young Pearl A 1933
McCallum John Keith Fink Ada C 1938
McCallum Mary Elizabeth Shankland Harold G 1927
McCallum Neil P Evans Geraldine 1935
McCallum Nellie McMorris Floyd 1903
McCallum Peter McNiver Mary Jane 1894
McCallum Rodney H Mcphail Dorothy Blanche 1932
McCallum Ruth M Colmar Harry P 1925
McCallum Stella G Lineback Oliver M 1903
McCandless Frank J Clodfelter Susan J 1931
McCann Floyd K Burns May 1935
McCarl Thomas Patton Rebecca 1901
McCaskill Elizabeth McCaskill John 1897
McCaskill John McCaskill Elizabeth 1897
McCauley Dorothy Edna Gunzelman J D 1916
McCaulley James S Maloney Laura 1893
McCaulley Laura Ricard Albert 1899
McClain Esther Buffington Robert 1936
McClean Albert Williams Lizzie 1887
McClean Esther Stotts Paul J 1930
McClellan George Mann Nettie 1896
McClellan John I Stanbrough Bessie 1919
McClelland Alice M Payne` B S 1897
McClelland Charles B Crook Maud I 1892
McClelland Milner A B 1885
McClelland Irvin B Allen Rosa L 1897
McClintick Andrew J Counter Mabelle L 1927
McClume Virgil E O'Mara Antonia E 1927
McClure Alma L Davis Enoch M 1883
McClure Arthur E Hamilton Leonora M 1899
McClure Eva F Curnutt Arthur R 1926
McClure Mary J Gingrich John 1882
McClurg James Wilson Lucy 1879
McCluskey Charles Murray Cora 1913
McCluskey Freddrick A Bennett Mildred L 1938
McCluskey S J Fullen Lillian 1913
McComb George Williams Callie 1892
McCombs McCrae Lula 1892
McConnell Sidney L Litke Viola D 1933
McCorkle Alice M Barr M L 1881
McCorkle Cella Zellers Daniel C 1871
McCorkle Eliza S Rhodes W S 1882
McCorkle Lucy Hickox Edwin E 1872
McCormick Ida Haworth Shannon 1884
McCormick Peter John Shaeffer Florence Lillian 1934
McCory James Hadlock Esther 1902
McCoy Bertman U Wheeler Stella M 1905
McCrabb Esther Wild Charles 1918
McCracken Frank B Bowman Annabelle 1930
McCracken Hattie P Heathman Herman L 1912
McCracken Ida W McCabe Robert L 1911
McCracken J N Geer Laura C 1891
McCracken Joseph B Shaw Irene P 1926
McCrae Lula McCombs 1892
McCraw George Coble Callie 1890

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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