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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
McGuirre Cardie Vaughn George W 1898
McGunnigle Henry Ransford Ellen J 1886
McIlvain Bessie D Gray Charles L 1937
McIlvain Irene Short Roy E 1933
McIlvain Nellie Elizabeth Gaffneh Ralph Marion 1933
McIlvain Ray A Brown Kathryn A 1933
McIntosh Grover C Freeman Mabelle E 1906
McKane Mary Bailey A S 1937
McKean Erma Storey Frank 1937
McKee George Carnes Mary C 1910
McKee George Kelly Mattie 1882
McKenzie Desmond W Brady Martha Alize 1935
McKibbi Idila M Johnson Chester C 1901
McKillop Harold C Huxell Hildred E 1932
McKinley Mary G Rathbun Wells A 1910
McKinney Levi Snow Vivian N 1923
McKinney Thomas W Frost Zella 1901
McKinsey Elbert O W Hinote Ella Mae 1905
McKittrick James W Goad Malva 1905
McKittrick Katherine Myers Chris L 1910
McKnight C L Eastman Francis 1921
McKnight G M Reiserman Helen 1886
McKnight Horace Loy Mina J 1897
McKnight Lucy A Hoover H H 1876
McKnight Nora M Harbour George M 1894
McLain Margaret Bruce John 1937
McLaughlin Andrew D Cox Ruth 1875
McLean Nettie Carson Perlee 1909
McLinden Hugh Heckendorn Cora 1910
McLoud Annie Goodwin Isiah 1900
McMannis William Goucher Jenny 1878
McMannus Mary F Lyon Francis M 1872
McManus Thomas F Bird Ruth E 1929
McMarlin Phemia A Ashwell Harry Edward
McMichael Minnie Wilkerson Leland 1937
McMillan C C Lyon Lizzie 1885
McMillan E J Brown Rosetta E 1920
McMillan Patricia H Robertson James M 1922
McMinds Andrew P Smith Nellie F 1894
McMorris Floyd McCallum Nellie 1903
McMorris Veva N Murdock William L 1901
McMorris William Brown Maud 1887
McNamer Ella Snode William L 1898
McNamer Ola Pratt william O 1893
McNeal Thomas N Holt Anna May 1925
McNee George A Conaway Anna M 1912
McNee Helen Elizabeth Finley Edgar S 1936
McNee John D Blade Daisy E 1905
McNee L E Stephens Christina 1938
McNee Leila L Hilton David L Jr 1921
McNee Mabel J Waddell Lewis E 1911
McNee Marguerite Zehner Burch E 1927
McNee Robert Evans Nell 1913
McNele Martha A Wilkinson J L 1928
McNett J A Moon Ida Lee 1916
McNiver Mary Jane McCallum Peter 1894
McPhail Dorothy Blanche McCallum Rodney H 1932
McPhail Glenn Borket Beulah 1935
McPhail Mae Guthrie P J 1913
McPherson Leo H Weaver Ella 1914
McQuillen Dee Hofman Nettie Anna 1922
McQuown Gladys E Hauck Verne S 1912
McRae James W Harder Denia 1911
McReynolds Campbell M Meritt Edith 1889
McReynolds Mary E Knisely Ralph 1929
McSoud Helena Stutz Clinton L 1937
McVey Warren C Largent Mary 1928
McWilliams J W Walker Louise 1875
McWilliams Zilpha Wood Will B 1874
Mead P A Frank A J 1881
Mead Alice Leslie Edward 1898
Mead Claire Stine Edward 1909
Mead Martha Josephine Wilson C E 1920
Mead Mitilda Griffith John B 1902
Mead William H Hampton Lidia 1908

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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