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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Messing Viola Rice W N 1880
Messinger Carl C Blackburn Ruth V 1925
Metcalf Edna R Barnhart David L 1911
Metcalf Ival A Edens Edith V 1923
Metcalf Lora V Suddock Joe C 1922
Metcalfe Mannie R Thomas Cappie C 1911
Metcalfe W F Hagerty Violet 1892
Metz A J Brumley Ethel 1928
Meyer Alma Mohr Paul 1919
Meyer Anna S Gresham James Madison 1909
Meyer Arleigh G Stevens Audrey L 1937
Meyer Charles Judd Laura 1900
Meyer Florence Edna Cooper George Frederic 1934
Meyer Fred A Raymond Amelia K 1907
Meyer Mary Rose Muenzenberge H Van R Jr 1916
Meyer Reinbold Blankley Emma 1924
Meyers Jennie Bibbert Frank 1907
Michaux Ethel Wilson Elic 1918
Michens Arthur Ferril Hooker Hilda Mae 1936
Mickelferd John A Campbell Eliza 1901
Mickeljerd Dora Scott Clyde A 1919
Mier Henry Hahn Sophia 1871
Mike John Butler Grace 1930
Miles Robert C Patton Mary P 1932
Miller Adam Fadewell Polly P 1878
Miller Cecil R Suddock Emma G 1909
Miller Charles D Rongee Martha 1882
Miller Charles L Watrman Emma J 1909
Miller Claiborn Ryan Leah E 1923
Miller Clara B Hildebrand Samuel M 1890
Miller Cyras A Talkington Jennina 1899
Miller Edna M Holmes Lewis 1900
Miller Effie E Chatty George W 1884
Miller Ellis Roberts Laura M 1919
Miller Elsie Armstead Ralph 1936
Miller Esther Fay Beardmore W C 1920
Miller Frank Bailey Hazel 1937
Miller Frank D Race Nettie 1886
Miller Fred L Veal Neva M 1923
Miller G C McGinnis Jennies 1875
Miller G G Schimpff Barbara L 1880
Miller Geneiva Larson Robert 1937
Miller George H Thompson Vadna R 1923
Miller George M Evans Pearl 1904
Miller Harold L Noll Opal 1935
Miller Harry Groundwater Rose 1913
Miller Howard Staley Clara 1935
Miller Jacob E Harris Maggie A 1901
Miller James M Lister Grace M 1901
Miller Jane Harpole Alfred 1860
Miller John Risener Minnie F R 1899
Miller John Wright Abby 1887
Miller John S North Flora B 1899
Miller Johnnie Hartig Edna 1937
Miller Joncie Miller Walter 1938
Miller Josephine Syring Herbert F 1927
Miller Leanore Goodreau Phillip 1896
Miller M S Windell May A 1916
Miller Maggie Collins W A 1876
Miller Martha Ruth Wright Harry Ames 1934
Miller Mary E Roberts Homer 1882
Miller Myrtle M McCabe Joe R 1928
Miller Pearl King Robert E 1935
Miller Ruby G Bafford Leslie O 1936
Miller Ruth M Cobb Charles W 1921
Miller Silas J Fish Elizabeth V 1910
Miller Vinson R Zegler Angeline 1864
Miller W S Windell May A 1916
Miller Walter Miller Joncie 1938
Miller William A Shaw Henrietta 1886
Miller William T Joy Harriet Maxine 1936
Mills Elreeen Conaway Charles L 1879
Milner A B McClelland 1885
Miner Jacob E Corbin Johanna 1889
Miner Josie Bruce Charles A 1900
Miner Nathan Cooper Nancy 1882

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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