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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Moore Ada Janeway D F 1881
Moore Alonzo Babb Josie 1901
Moore Celia Bruce William 1929
Moore Celia C Giger O E 1913
Moore Clement Edwards Minnie 1884
Moore Clement J Fowler Della M 1926
Moore Cora Pierce Josepher 1898
Moore Dave M Ellis Bessie 1919
Moore Dorothy J Lambeth Lyle L 1930
Moore E B Wheeler Jay 1883
Moore Effie Brickell J B 1895
Moore Eloja E Kriker J G 1878
Moore Ernest G Baker Nettie B 1937
Moore Floyd D Cox Virginia 1923
Moore George W Keevan Sarah A 1937
Moore Giles Davis Viola 1901
Moore Helen Lynn Goodwin Charles 1936
Moore Henry G Morris Bertha A 1912
Moore Henry J Crouch Osta M 1909
Moore Ida Lee Boudreau Theogil H 1921
Moore Ila F Smith Fred 1926
Moore Isaac McGonigale Martha 1889
Moore John E Hays Carrie E 1885
Moore John V Rose L A G 1876
Moore Leona E Jennings H C 1917
Moore Louie Skaggs Robert 1913
Moore Marian G Hayes George Dewey 1918
Moore Nettie H Totten Cecil H 1924
Moore Rebecca Morgan Leno W 1872
Moore William Freeborn Agnes A 1879
Moore Wilson Frazier Ella 1881
Moots Susan Mack Louis 1874
Morand Ella Foose I E 1928
Morehead Drusie R Dickson L W 1884
Moreno Virginia Modesto Epifanio 1932
Moretz Charles Roberts Laura E 1893
Moretz David Kinsinger Alta 1916
Morfitt Ivan Kenneth Lipps Goldie L 1935
Morgan Anna K Coe Charles A 1903
Morgan Barbara E Culbert C L 1880
Morgan Earnest E Best Clara 1912
Morgan Glen J Hoffman Matilda M 1924
Morgan Leno W Moore Rebecca 1872
Morgan Margaret Webster Charles 1936
Morgan Ralph P Kendrick Irene R 1917
Morgan Richard Parks Mary A 1882
Morgan Sarah S Childers Frank 1905
Morgan Virginia White Charles D 1904
Morgan Walter T Jordon Ollie L 1901
Morgan William Y Adare Mary L 1890
Mories Etta E Sheridan Will J 1909
Morison Robert S Dunlap Agnes 1889
Morkeljerd Dora Gandy Chester H 1886
Morley Bishop Schatz Luceal 1911
Morley Violet E Davis Wilbur S 1928
Morris Allen C Kent Sarah Elizabeth 1933
Morris Amy Rogers Earl K 1898
Morris Arden Browning Norma A 1930
Morris Bertha A Moore Henry G 1912
Morris C M Klott Nettie 1905
Morris Charles Hopkins Katy E 1891
Morris Charles A Wikel Helen Marie 1930
Morris Clinton Patterson Rose 1918
Morris David C Roberts Alice M 1897
Morris Elnora tyler Warner M 1912
Morris Ernest Anthony Indola 1898
Morris Fannie E Potts Agustus M 1902
Morris Florence A Grimwood Frank E 1898
Morris Forrest M Reece Berniece N 1932
Morris Frank W Fitchner Sada 1886
Morris George Smith Minnie 1887
Morris Henry Boyd Emma 1889
Morris Isic Mitchell Rhoda 1903

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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