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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Murray Cora McCluskey Charles 1913
Murray Harold M Randolph Frances M 1929
Murray John Frank Brown Melvina 1883
Murray Leora Dively Jacob A 1903
Murray Lloyd D Martz Bess P 1920
Murray Mary Ellen Schriver Peter 1870
Murray Nora A Hover Herbert 1908
Murry Moses Jefferson Maggie 1883
Musch Martha Wendt W F 1927
Mushrush Patten Mosier Martha R 1897
Mushrush Thomas H Ohm Frances I 1931
Mushrush W Roy Smith Blanche M 1923
Musick Grace M Brown Harry B 1927
Musick Hattie Cyphers Bert E 1913
Mussy Rena M Martin Welda O 1908
Mustard Nellie M Thomas John U 1900
Mustard Paul F Sanders Anah E 1910
Myer John R Strathman Hattie 1887
Myer Maurice B Smethers Myrtle Ruth 1923
Myers Auaiw S Smith James H 1889
Myers Charles F Schneider Lucinda 1890
Myers Chris L McKittrick Katherine 1910
Myers David Marchall Gracy M 1903
Myers Donna Marie Evans Wallace J 1936
Myers Dora Carrier George A 1914
Myers E F Seals Lewis 1884
Myers F W Hoover M E 1888
Myers Homer A Duncan Emma K 1933
Myers Irma L Albin John E 1929
Myers Jesse F Cline Alberta 1891
Myers John C+C6111 Fagg Malinda 1885
Myers Mary E Branch Ralph A 1917
Myers Mary F Whitehurst Amos T 1908
Myers Maude Mitchell William O 1921
Myers Maurice B Smethers Myrtle Ruth 1923
Myers Olive Reyer Ralph J 1918
Myers Ralph McElfresh Carrie Luiza 1918
Myers Richard A Simon Leona 1935
Myers Robert K Thurston Martha 1909
Myers Rose L Bradley Leslie J 1922
Myers Sally Maybell Frank 1878
Myers Wesley K Jackson Laverta V 1890
Myler Jasper E Mersereau Dessie 1926
Myler Joseph Austin Mary Elizabeth 1906
Mywea Ethel L Osborn Harvey 1913
Nailer Hattie Jackson George R 1889
Nakcikn Victoria Dorman Claud 1916
Narramore Drew M Jeffreyi Beatrice L 1912
Nash Wilford J Armagost Bertilla Mae 1927
Nay Fannie M Dawson Herbert E 1930
Naylor Alta Lyons Howard F 1909
Naylor Cora Watchous Lewis 1903
Naylor David Stewart Nellie 1902
Naylor Dora Riggs J D 1916
Naylor Ida Stewart George 1900
Naylor Jacob Cox Dora 1890
Naylor John L Underwood Delia 1884
Naylor Lillie Pixley George W 1892
Naylor Louise Jackson Thomas H 1912
Naylor Nannie A Harlan Thomas 1886
Naylor Nellie M Harlan M L 1886
Naylor Willis B Watson Hattie 1906
NcDermed Ada G Foick Jerry L 1927
NcElfresh Ida S Blanchard Irvin 1887
Neal Edward A Neff Alice 1935
Neally John J Harris Myrtle May 1914
Neals Margaret A Wood Jerry 1884
Needham Harriette E Brownlee Edwin F 1922
Neeland Mary A Fancher W Ray 1929
Neff Alice Neal Edward A 1935
Neff Leonard B Hall Hazle 1927
Nehring Arnold B Diel anita Delma 1935
Neiman Agnes Sanders Roy H 1931
Neiman Mary A Brewer Eugene L 1937

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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