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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Norris Earl F Kellogg Virginia C 1907
Norris Mabel Hayes Albert E 1870
Norris Velvia Mareda Strong F O 1917
North Carrie L Park John S 1899
North Charles T Edmondson Mary J 1889
North Clarence P Johnson Alice B 1895
North Emma Hicks Hilyard S 1904
North Eva E Hepler Cecil E 1920
North Flora B Miller John S 1899
North Frannie Bennett Charles G 1893
North Henry K Emonnson Hannah 1892
North Hilda M Sweet William Arthur 1931
North Theodore D Harvey Georgeanna 1891
North Vernon B Johnson Myrtle M 1900
North W K Noland Elizabeth 1880
Norton Harry Storrer Carrie 1919
Norton Mary A Dryden George P 1901
Norton Thomas H Austin Catherine Marie 1919
Norton William Jeffrey Victoria 1875
Norval Ardeen B Fowler Roy 1927
Notgrass Maude Wright Arthur W 1909
Nowlan Catharine Banks C F 1879
Noyse Gertryde Newton M C 1870
Nubia Almicia Newkirk H R 1874
Nunnery Norman L Mabee Juanita L 1930
Nurraway Edith K Campbell M A 1886
Nuss Harvey B Backus Ida 1931
Oakley Henry M Emerick Amanda S 1892
Ober R R Stephenson Lottie 1914
Oberst Frank Bibert Catharine A
Obley Ardith Irene Huenergardt Horace Gelnn 1929
Obley Edna C Lyles James B 1919
Obley Grace Ward Conrad L 1903
Obley J C Osborn L B 1886
Obley J C ImMasche Edna Ruth 1913
Obley Mary C Stone Albert T 1895
Obley Orpha McAlister Aaron 1889
Obley Uriah E D Church Minerva A 1885
Obly Hattie A Church Joel I 1884
O'Brien Edward Shipley Louisa 1885
O'Brien Frank P Cramer Muriel 1920
O'Brien Roy Loyles Erma M 1931
O'Byrne Bridgett Ryan William Arthur 1880
O'Byrne Clara Shaw Guy C 1909
O'Byrne Mary Anne Plumberg Henry 1874
O'Byrne Sara Loretta Platt Leslie A 1912
O'Byrne William J Murphy Sarah Ann 1883
Ochs Maurice E Schooley Dellamay 1899
O'Connell George T Griffitts Ethel M 1930
O'Connor John W Boyd Helen F 1924
O'Daniel Birdie Osborn Roy J 1907
O'Daniel Eva Swenson Fred L 1924
O'Daniel Eva Mae Garrison Frank 1937
O'Daniel James William Stout Wilma Beth 1934
O'Daniel Mae Finur Ivan F 1920
Odell William Folsome Della Louise 1899
Odle Albert C Deering Daisy M 1923
Odle Bertha M Andres Roy C 1925
Odle Clarence F Lowman Hazel A 1925
Odle Estella Mae Mendenhall Sylvester A 1915
Odle M Gertrude Laughridge Dean W 1925
Odle Maude L Berends Harry H 1923
Odle Myrtle E Berends Walter L 1924
Odle Newton E Blurton Maude M 1905
Odle Vella M Overstreet Charles P 1917
O'Donald Mary Quinn Michael 1880
O'Donald Mary Kirkendall E L 1870
O'Donnell Mary McDonald George W 1891
Oelkers Herman F Hunts Maggie P 1910
Ogden Lenora Fay Tobler Harold E 1932
Ogden Rosedel Belt Robert K 1924
Ogden Roy Everet Deer Sarah F 1934
O'Gee Edward M Yearout Gwendolin L 1927
Ohm Elsie M Schmidt S J 1919
Ohm Frances I Mushrush Thomas H 1931
Ohm Johanna Wehrenbert Henry 1887

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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