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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Park Leeta Estella Beardmore Samuel Earl 1917
Park Leona Mauderly F G 1913
Park Lloyd B Byers Mary L 1914
Park Mary A Allen E P Jr 1882
Park Mary A Patton N M 1929
Park Rebecca Holmes Edward C 1879
Park Ruah Jeffrey Clement L V 1899
Parker A H Newkirk Margie 1878
Parker Beulah Fae Kealy William Merle 1934
Parker Charles B Halsinger Lois E 1933
Parker Daisy Bocook Adrian L 1901
Parker Ethel E Teft Clifford G 1924
Parker Gladys A Rector Thomas A 1924
Parker H D Watson Mary L 1887
Parker L M Sheehan C M 1916
Parker Lawrence R Blythe Audra L 1932
Parker Lawrence R Preston Audra L 1932
Parker Mamie G Pirtle Alva L 1911
Parker Merrill L Sampson Mary E 1928
Parker Noah T Ware Viola F 1920
Parker Preston B Zink Adeline E 1931
Parker Roy Heaney Margaret 1935
Parker Ruth Samuel Walt L 1913
Parker W A Jr Nethercut Clara Belle 1884
Parker William Hunter Mary 1873
Parker William H Sallee Mary A 1881
Parkins Emily K Loy Empson L 1866
Parkins Ora Belle Allison Albert 1884
Parks Cora Porter Horace D 1894
Parks George W Sayre Laura M 1923
Parks L M Lowman Linne A 1918
Parks Martha J Beverlin Andrew J 1870
Parks Mary A Morgan Richard 1882
Parks Noah F Barnaby Marie E 1900
Parks Orville W Heckendorn Eva M 1930
Parks Seth H Yoakem Leona 1928
Parks William Pinkston Mary 1894
Parks William W Rector Alice 1886
Parmer Katherine Yarbrough Winston 1935
Parracell Celine Suiblier Henry E 1877
Parrish Irene Rouse Charles A 1928
Parrish LaFayette Greene Virginia L 1909
Parrish Leon Gilbert Harman Margaret Marie 1934
Parson Ellen Jeneva Punderbaugh Louis 1913
Parsons Henry D Cooper Perle B 1912
Parsons Jay C Haney Mable 1912
Parsons Treva Patton Edward M 1936
Partridge H E Freeborn Ella 1878
Partridge Sarah Ann Tomlinson William 1873
Partridge Victoria A Rader Clarence E 1927
Pasek Georgia Stultz Ivan E 1926
Patch Mary M Collins William J 1915
Patchen Pauline Lawrence Lew A 1926
Patker Josephine Brown Jordon Franklin 1934
Patrick John K Wright Martha J 1929
Patten Esther May Wiley L Roy 1912
Patten Florence M Pyles William T 1879
Patten Ida Kent Marion 1885
Patterson Albert E Charles Inez L 1932
Patterson Anna Dalin Pat 1871
Patterson Anna E Berry Albert 1891
Patterson Catherine S Brandley Henry E 1867
Patterson Cecil C Starkey Roena G 1928
Patterson Charles L Watson Edna A 1918
Patterson Charles O Willey Alice 1895
Patterson Dean Doty A L 1918
Patterson Deirhue Eckenroad Lloyd Galen 1934
Patterson Deirhue V Humes Edwin L 1932
Patterson Edwin E Barrett Nellie H 1911
Patterson Eugene Hunter Mary E 1888
Patterson Fred A Drinkwater Hannah I 1908
Patterson Helen Britting Merle 1935
Patterson Lulu Coe Fred 1900

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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