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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Pennington Mable Harris George Earl 1912
Pennington Matthew Levi Smith M Mabel Bracey 1915
Pennington Nelson Bentley Belle 1909
Pennington Perl E Ekstrom Ray F 1912
Pennington Thomas Phillips Mary Ann 1889
Penny William B Shaft Cleonora 1896
Penrod Fred Hulse Mattie 1889
Penrod Mattie Coffelt Abraham N 1896
Penrod Minnie Holty Frank J 1883
Penrod Noah M Sharp Sarah 1875
Peoples Hans Johnson Nellie 1885
Peper Richard F Waidley Hattie L 1906
Perez Tomas Urebe Caman 1927
Perkins Eslie N Watchous elmer 1922
Perkins G F Lawrence Lizzie 1914
Perkins L C Backus Samantha 1915
Perkins Laura L Carpenter Ben H 1906
Perkins Lucile Jones Norman E 1907
Perkins Quince H Frederick Gladys K 1927
Perkins Ruth Banks Albert 1918
Perkins William R Rice Alice F 1933
Perrault A Lambell Marie 1880
Perrigo Charles W Hays Madge 1887
Perrigo Ida D Ladd E N 1884
Perrigo Laura L Raleigh Patrick 1883
Perrin William Alexander Eliza 1893
Perrine Pauline E Swanson Edwin 1929
Perry Alice C Barnes William P 1884
Perry Anna Vinyard William 1877
Perry Ellen white Charles D 1885
Perry Francis Lester Estes Gertrude 1902
Perry Gulia E Elliott Christopher 1885
Perry John Wheeler Carrie 1902
Perry John E Burnett Phebe A 1882
Perry John H Spooner Etta E 1888
Perry Liddie Jane Beals Thomas M 1892
Perry Margarett Ball Samuel 1877
Perry Martha A Hammer Aaron 1873
Perry Mary P Elliott Isaiah 1886
Perry Millicant Rhoads Francis M 1883
Perry Sarah Ann Rhodes Isaac T 1881
Perry T O Jackson Lizzie 1876
Persall Leota Edna Williams John H 1909
Peterson Annie J Saffer Orville O 1907
Peterson Arthur Cole Birdene 1928
Peterson Clara Tuxhorn William H 1920
Peterson Earl L Gilman Helen A 1936
Peterson Ellen Oliver Charles 1922
Peterson Frank K Harris Nellie 1894
Peterson Hubert Vaughn Mixie 1919
Peterson John G Pierson Anna B 1893
Peterson Nellie Meade Sidney R 1936
Peterson Nellie Belle Ketchersid Cline E 1921
Peterson Orville W Mercer Berthabelle 1938
Peterson Selma E Smith Loren E 1923
Peterson Thure Abbey Frances Margaret 1937
Peterson Wilma Pearl Rouse Wilber 1934
Petford Bessie A Wilson John C 1908
Pettit Amanda Melvina Tarr John B 1891
Pettit Eliza A Ramsey James L 1919
Pettit Mary E Monroe William H 1906
Petty Glennie S Remaley Charles G 1912
Petty Grace May Crebbs Clyde O 1911
Petty J A Wolcott Florence 1915
Petty Joe Alex Woodring Mildred Nine 1911
Petty John C Mattingley Malinda E 1886
Petty Ralph Eldon Jackson Wava Marie 1926
Petty Thelma Follen William H 1923
Petty Velvie Lee Workman Charles W 1920
Pettyjohn Ruby F Brenkman Edward A 1930
Pettys Joseph Nolan Anna 1874
Peugh Will B Richards Marguerite 1912
Peyton Marthey Lawrence William 1923
Pflager Charles G Stencill Minnie 1887
Phares Vivian L Rudd Harold C 1929

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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