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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Pharr Opal Harvey Louis A 1938
Phelon Wilma Ellen Faux Roy Sherman 1935
Phelps Holden B Cunningham Clara D 1879
Pherigo Caroline M Cahoone Emmett P 1926
Pherigo D Marie Overfield Ray 1929
Pherigo Kittie M Evans Thomas L 1920
Pherigo William J Paulsen Pearl C 1929
Pherson Ira Orme Stella M 1923
Philbrick W L Golay Josephine 1898
Philbrick Susie J Stanbrough Luther L 1892
Philion Daisy M Merritt James K P 1896
Phillips A W Harper J A 1880
Phillips Bessie D Briggs Robert A 1923
Phillips Beula M VanHuss Fred B 1927
Phillips Dorothy O Norman Harold H 1930
Phillips Ernest A Smith Almeda 1937
Phillips Ethelyn E Householter Albert M 1926
Phillips Florinen Newman Arthur 1918
Phillips Jack Stanzel Erma L 1929
Phillips Kenneth R Beale Nadine 1935
Phillips Mary Ann Pennington Thomas 1888
Phillips Maude Vanwey Floyd 1935
Phillips Nelson Ullery Viola 1883
Picef Clara M Schrader Navy 1885
Pickard Spencer Raredon Minnie 1892
Pierce Benjarmine B Robertson Annie 1894
Pierce E S Spitler Martha L 1917
Pierce George M Robertson Clara R 1887
Pierce Jessie Irons George L 1896
Pierce John R Pratt Nora E 1903
Pierce Josepher Moore Cora 1898
Pierce Leslie O Henry Mabel K 1935
Pierce Lester C Layman R Aileen 1935
Pierce Milo Gremis Clara R 1904
Pierce Ray Brewer Faye Edna 1925
Pierce Ruth E Potter Boone 1928
Pierson Anna B Peterson John G 1893
Pierson Dorothy Ann Moxley Clarence M 1936
Pierson Peter Hagar Marcella M 1881
Pietro Magdalina Vergas Leonardo 1914
Pihl Edith A Zamrzla Anthony 1933
Piles Cinthia A Drinkwater F L 1876
Piles Thomas J Clement Mary H 1896
Piles Thomas J Critser Elizabeth 1867
Pine Chester M Young Genevieve E 1928
Pine Clarence D Vaughn Marion F 1923
Pine Daisy V Montgomery Gilliard S 1923
Pine Preston P Maguire Goldie E 1927
Pine Walter L Smith Goldie 1921
Pinkney Charles C Wise Augusta May 1878
Pinkston Annie J Young Augustus 1870
Pinkston Arthur O Lutz Sophia 1897
Pinkston B A VanBuren Susan E 1899
Pinkston Dewey P Whitlow Evelyn 1937
Pinkston E W Young Clarasy 1867
Pinkston Ellen Giddings Festus 1874
Pinkston Emily Fisher James P 1910
Pinkston Ephriam Hauselman Frances V 1918
Pinkston Harrison L Leaphule Sarah F 1901
Pinkston John Wesley Bonstag Hulda 1880
Pinkston Mary Parks William 1894
Pinkston Merril Payne Rachel 1871
Pinkston Oliver Frank Sarah S 1873
Pinkston William Jolly Eliza 1882
Pinnick Edward R Mabell Annie 1901
Pinston E W Young Clarasy 1867
Piper Anson M Buck Grace A 1929
Piper Bertha Hahn Gustav 1879
Piper Emil W Butter Ana A 1909
Piper Evylen L Hill William G 1929
Piper Fred C Jackson Rosalie 1908
Piper Fred E Hinchman Shirely R 1931
Piper Frederick W Osmer Ida M 1890
Piper Herman W Byrul Jessie 1920
Piper Ida Carpenter Gustav 1920

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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