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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Piper John W Jr Mossman Elinor L
Piper Julis Butter Ada R 1909
Piper Mabel Padgett Arthur W 1922
Piper Mary Flowers Leslie 1914
Piper Osa L Pitts Howard E 1927
Piper Ruby Kellum Raymond V 1925
Pirtle Alva L Parker Mamie G 1911
Pirtle Eva C McFann William D 1937
Pirtle Mildred Anita Cole Wayne Clifton 1933
Pitman Gertrude Blanche Sherffius Edward A 1906
Pittman Claud Mason Valtie V 1929
Pittman Sarah Oldenburg Lewis 1900
Pitts Howard E Piper Osa L 1927
Pitts Howard E Stubbs Fern A 1934
Pitzer Margaret Adams Joseph H 1869
Pixley Althea Bullock V E 1914
Pixley George W Naylor Lillie 1892
Pixley Maude E Harsh S L 1919
Place Bert Gergeson Emma 1890
Place Bertha M Smith B H 1936
Place Martha Gentner William W 1933
Place Rosa M Frank John W 1876
Place Rosemarie Hudson C T 1938
Place William Delong Elma 1894
Platt Leslie A O'Byrne Sara Loretta 1912
Plumber Nellie A Golay Eugene 1906
Plumberg Emily Brown J W 1881
Plumberg Henry O'Byrne Mary Anne 1874
Plumberg Joseph Langendorf Mary M 1881
Plumer Florence Stevenson Oliver 1877
Plummer Adelia Carlisle Martin 1899
Plummer Charlie L Golay Minnie B 1906
Plummer Donna M Wagoner Claude E 1927
Plummer Forrest P Hoberacht Sarah 1932
Plummer Helen M Ballew Owen W 1928
Plummer James Crum Bertha 1893
Plummer Wilbert A Carlisle Edna 1902
Plummer William White Elizabeth 1883
Plunkett H Harold Story Crystal Marie 1937
Poe Nelson H Prather Emma R 1926
Poffinbarger Glen E Schere Helen H 1930
Pogue Thomas Moffitt Agga 1887
Poland Carrie M Shaw Guy 1909
Pollard Fred E Beckley Violet L 1926
Pontius Emma Shutt William I 1906
Pool Ida M Thompson William R 1922
Pool Lucy H Grimmett Ivan E 1922
Pool Verle E Smith Ferne 1937
Poorman Catheren Butler Thomas 1901
Pope Axcie Birt Edwin L 1925
Popeitz Mabel Mahoney Thomas J 1907
Porter Bessie B Sibel Floyd C 1927
Porter Grace I Peebles Willis C 1933
Porter Horace D Parks Cora 1894
Porter James Galletly Charlotte 1889
Porter James M Miser Savilla M 1898
Porter Mary E Housely Orville L 1925
Post Charles B Lewis Emma T 1900
Post Kenneth M Mundy Julia M 1931
Potee Ella Gruel Thomas M 1889
Poter Sallie Sulivan Edgar D 1894
Potter Boone Pierce Ruth E 1928
Potter Floyd Harbaugh Martha 1928
Potter Hallie F Davis Andrew J 1912
Pottier Clovis Legeres Aleradia 1885
Potts Agustus M Morris Fannie E 1902
Potts Sherman Beebe Ethel Lind 1893
Powell Edward Wesley Hargret Mary Ellen 1886
Powell Florence Smith Donald E 1935
Powell Grace E Funk J Calvin 1914
Powell Katheryne Crawford Edward J 1909
Powell Perry O Totsche Thelma H 1928
Powers Alda Grace Walsh Harold 1932
Powers Mary E Gamer Frank P 1900

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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