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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Putnam John A McDonald Faye V 1920
Pyester Alta Crawford George W 1916
Pyles Cecil F Clark Valar L 1923
Pyles Emma E Park H L 1884
Pyles Leona O Gardner Howard E 1916
Pyles Mamie Grissom John M 1903
Pyles Martha M Longfellow John H 1889
Pyles Rose E Stubbs Albert A 1875
Pyles William H Reeves Christina F 1879
Pyles William T Patten Florence M 1879
Querarte Francisco Guirarte Petra O 1934
Quillen Cora McFarland Emmett 1937
Quinn Michael O'Donald Mary 1880
Quinn Lillie E O'Neill James D 1909
Quinn Mary Gannon John W 1887
Quinn Sarah Roberts Alfred 1883
Quinn Thomas Mailen Mary 1895
Quinn Thomas J Maloney Johannah 1904
Quintal Joseph Likes Mary 1883
Rabuse John Warner Mattie 1915
Race Edith Galletly James 1889
Race Nettie Miller Frank D 1886
Rader Clarence E Partridge Victoria A 1927
Rader Jennie C Crellin Marion B 1924
Radig William E Burress Dorothy Mae 1933
Radig Effie V Sperry Arthur M 1928
Radman Richard Hale Leona L 1937
Rafferty Catherine Watson Spencer P 1893
Rafferty Cathern Watson Spencer P 1896
Rafferty Katie Mailen James 1895
Ragsdale Eva Mae Davis Ralph L 1937
Ragsdale Floyd T Felk Florence Edna 1938
Ragsdale John A Hanks Sarah A 1929
Rahl John Peter Baldwin Isadorah 1873
Rake Paul D Fawl Martha J 1932
Rake Paul Lambert Esther 1936
Raleigh Patrick Perrigo Laura L 1883
Ramage Frances M Browne Leslie D 1927
Ramage Mable Mae Jernigan Mills G 1926
Rambo Jennie Maulin Camerson 1881
Ramirez Rosalind B Villa Miquel 1933
Ramnsburg Archie S Wright Maud R 1926
Ramsey Agnes Gibson Andrew 1879
Ramsey C L Seirl Emma 1918
Ramsey Forrest G Anderson Edna E 1907
Ramsey James L Clem Laura B 1883
Ramsey James L Pettit Eliza A 1919
Ramsey Lillian B Broughton Jonah F 1905
Ramsey Susie Oldenburg George 1915
Randal Mary Whitaker Charles 1867
Randall Ellen J Murphy Thomas J 1868
Randall Francis M Bishop Margaret J 1901
Randall Lillian M Van Sickle Charley C 1926
Randall Lizzie M Hass Ray 1911
Randall Margaret M Hamilton Kenner E 1902
Randall Mary E Hadden Charles A 1884
Randall R H Dart Mrs. A M 1874
Randebaugh P G Harrison Lizzie 1883
Randel M U Gardenier Josie P 1902
Randel Ralph Lynn Dunne Cathrine 1933
Randolph Frances M Murray Harold M 1929
Randolph Frank Alderich Ella 1896
Randolph Harry E Lockwood Inez M 1923
Rank Bessie I Thomason Arthur 1908
Rank Garcia A Kingery Walter E 1903
Rannells Charles S Byram Lannie J 1893
Ransburg A A Leslie Susie F 1920
Ransburg Hobert Washington Nellie 1921
Ransferd LeRoy Baldwin Flossie 1918
Ransford Ellen J McGunnigle Henry 1886
Ransford Hascall Sallee Helen M 1881
Ransford Mary Zimmerman John 1890
Ransom James L Wooley Lucile W 1933

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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