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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Raredon Minnie Pickard Spencer 1892
Rasmussen Karl R Latta Edith S 1931
Rasmussen Harry P Thomas Margaret 1910
Rassey Mary Hailey W H 1915
Ratcliff W P Coat Laura A 1879
Rathbun Wells A McKinley Mary G 1910
Rather Harry E Fowler Opal G Sears 1920
Rathke Della Gramke Albert W 1925
Rathke Gertrude A Thorpe Milford R 1927
Ratler William Woody Rosa 1888
Ratliff May Weston George C 1937
Rattler Neava Scott J E 1916
Ratz Adolph Hubert Bertha 1906
Ray Arthur Rossman Ethel Maxine 1932
Ray Elizabeth Winters Virgil 1935
Ray Jermiah Harold Spaulding Dorothy E 1934
Ray Lucy M Van Wolff Bert 1926
Ray Marinda Bently Albert E 1885
Ray Marinda Benton Samuel 1885
Ray Vernon E Burns Cecile M 1927
Rayl Jack Boatright Zora 1933
Raymer E Ann Harrison Joseph 1896
Raymer Thomas C Bowman Emma A 1898
Raymer William Ward Nabke 1906
Raymond Amelia K Meyer Fred A 1907
Raymond Elizabeth J Davidson William B 1902
Raymond John E Walle Annie 1899
Raynner Charles Williams Hattie 1903
Rea Harvey T Curnutt Beatrice E 1938
Read Oscar M Reber Louise 1906
Reader Emmett S Whetstone Merle A 1933
Reaka Ilene Bailor Rexer 1936
Reaks Chauncey E Hamilton Mary Blanche 1937
Reavis Paul R Ball Dorotha A 1931
Rebeles Romana Mato Unado 1920
Reber Louise Read Oscar M 1906
Rector Alford T Hicks Louisa 1891
Rector Alice Parks William W 1886
Rector Harry Elliott Josie 1889
Rector Josie Mercer Soloman 1890
Rector Lucinda Fent Elem F 1877
Rector Sausa Fiencher Charles 1892
Rector Thomas A Parker Gladys A 1924
Redeker Cecilia Falks Frank 1938
Redelfs Lambert J Haworth Mary R 1926
Redford Hattie Brace Anson F 1899
Reeber Alberta Brown Harvey C 1919
Reece Berniece N Morris Forrest M 1932
Reed Alice Coop Forrest M 1937
Reed Ellen C Simington J C 1881
Reed Margaret M Griffith Hugh E 1930
Reed Myrtle R Burnes John C 1928
Reed Thomas Harper Ula 1887
Reed Viola Maude Williams Roger Ellis 1934
Reefshiller D M Koegeboehn Eva 1883
Reehling C Emil Morris Magdalena 1889
Reehling Eugene F Ballew Cecil Anna 1937
Rees Florence H Satchell Vernon E 1926
Rees John D Mayfield Edith E 1904
Rees Oliver Donald Carter Lula Belle 1934
Reese Ephriam Etheridge Mary 1882
Reeve Henry Holsinger Julia Ann 1866
Reeves Christina F Pyles William H 1879
Reeves Laura E Hedrick Thomas J 1930
Regan Lola Mae Gilman Robert D 1937
Reid Jeanie Allen John Elison 1913
Reid Rena Banks Thomas E 1890
Reidel John Howard Hull Sadie Iris 1918
Reidel Leonard E Hesterlee Georgia 1907
Reier Frank H Willard Bessie 1913

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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