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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Rich Anna Mae Gillum Samuel N 1925
Rich Bertha M Scarff Samuel F 1919
Rich Bessie M Burton Ulysses G 1823
Rich Mattie J Barrett William L 1890
Rich May Langindorf Fred 1887
Rich Ruby Lois Williams Walter 1931
Richard Edward Arthur Houk Daisy C 1934
Richard Lila Mercer Orville 1935
Richard Paul E Clements Edna M 1923
Richards A D Jones Melina E 1878
Richards A E Fosdick Nannie 1917
Richards Caroline Hylton Chester L 1938
Richards Daisy F byrd John T 1924
Richards David E Sprung Rubye R 1921
Richards Elreen Dean Ray T 1933
Richards Hugh Whitehurst Msaude L 1933
Richards James Calvert Lizzie 1894
Richards John Sellers Ruth 1917
Richards Luther S Bledsoe Elizabeth E 1904
Richards M A Mattingly Nancy 1892
Richards Marguerite Peugh Will B 1912
Richards Minnie Klugh David L 1897
Richards Viola M Jackson Charles L 1900
Richardson David Larkin Maggie 1882
Richardson Olive Bradley Scott 1933
Richardson Ruth E Smith William H 1931
Richmond Chester T Hobbs Sylvia B 1928
Richten Ida M Farris Henry C 1900
Richter Aileen B Brown Ralph C 1928
Richter Clara J Kuhl Henry C 1910
Richter Henry A Wilson Florence E 1937
Richter Naomi H Taylor Willard P 1928
Rickabaugh Laura Galettly John T 1890
Ricketts Josie` White George 1895
Rickman Clarence Blair Margaret 1906
Riddle Alma G Stonebraker Harold M 1930
Riddle Arthur C Chenoweth Opal L 1923
Riddle Elizabeth C Goodell Charles W 1929
Riddle Marie G Cary Howard V 1913
Rider Adah B Lodle Roy R 1928
Rider Birdie Drummond James G 1908
Rider C C Smethrs Emma 1914
Rider Dotie Smethers Fred 1894
Rider Fred E Mosler Ella M 1900
Rider George Stowers Elsie 1913
Rider I D Jr Park Elveretta 1897
Rider Katherine Little Geroge C 1907
Rider Maud May R L 1916
Rider Sylvia E Stotts Kyle E 1912
Rider Walter Heskett Grace 1914
Rider William W Errett Blanche D 1919
Ridgway Marie I Bloxsom Clyde H 1931
Riefsnyder John A Gie Anna K 1894
Riefsnyder Mary E Clay J M 1881
Riegel Hazel A Sturgeon Louis E 1926
Rifsnyder Charles E Rinson Josephine 1920
Riggs Albert L Brook Lida L 1898
Riggs Alva Elston Elizabeth Mary 1914
Riggs Angie Jackson Bert 1900
Riggs C V Hoagbin Mertie 1915
Riggs Clifford A Goodwin Velma M 1934
Riggs Clifford D Cox Lela L 1914
Riggs Crawford Sidener Etta E 1907
Riggs Cora F Griffith George W 1898
Riggs Cora M Houser George S 1901
Riggs Crawford Sidener Etta E 1907
Riggs Everst L Makin Hattie E 1899
Riggs Harvey A Slabaugh Dora 1906
Riggs Ira Brown Jessie 1893
Riggs J D Naylor Dora 1916
Riggs James C Moser Elsie B 1927
Riggs James M Weston Bertha 1897
Riggs Jesse Coleman Maude 1898
Riggs Jesse A Deel Ollie M 1900

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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