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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Riggs Linus Shunk Hila C 1926
Riggs Mary E Deel Orville R 1902
Riggs Pearl Hungford Susie 1910
Riggs Richard Johnson Sarah Alice 1892
Riggs Robert R O'Leary Evelyn Marie 1938
Riggs Vernon H Trayer Chloe 1930
Riggs Walter Heckendorn Susan L 1894
Riley Anna Belle Cahoone Sidney J 1919
Riley Fred T Wallie Vina S 1910
Riley Hattie E Dodge Frank r 1881
Riley Mary E Breese Stephen D 1872
Rimmey James B Jones S C 1880
Rinebarger Alva Carris Emma 1896
Ringgenberg John Stone Clara 1885
Rinson Josephine Reifsnyder Charles E 1920
Ripley Sarah Banks Eugene 1873
Ripple Rebecca Aldrich Mark W 1925
Risener Minnie F R Miller John 1899
Risly John G Lowe Freda H 1927
Ritchey Minnie M Layman John D 1921
Rix Elzora L Staples Marion 1890
Roach John F Mullins Thelma M 1928
Roach Joseph Bonewell Lola 1897
Roadenbaugh Hattie E Critser James G 1913
Roads Charles Sidener flora A 1904
Roba Guy Farmer Betha 1933
Robbins J D Ewing Alma 1892
Robbins Nellie B Stephenson Henry C 1892
Robbins Norman O Drummond Alice V 1905
Robbins W R Kickendoll Marguerite 1897
Robeles Maria Zunica Juan 1929
Robert Edward B Reifsnyder Emma 1917
Robert Otto M Lewis Mary A 1903
Roberts Alfred Quinn Sarah 1883
Roberts Alice M Morris David C 1897
Roberts Annie Stonebraker Joseph L 1900
Roberts Arthur Conley Marie 1934
Roberts Bessie M Groos Albert F 1889
Roberts Ciciley Price Mary E 1887
Roberts Ella E Van Wormer Bert A 1932
Roberts Florence L Glanville John B 1902
Roberts Francis R McDowell June A 1932
Roberts Homer Miller Mary E 1882
Roberts Laura E Moretz Charles 1893
Roberts Laura M Miller Ellis 1919
Roberts Mary G Green Harry W 1933
Roberts Mary Louise Tipton Hobart O 1933
Roberts Nellie t Ambler Silvester J 1938
Roberts Solomon Boydton Millie 1899
Roberts Susanna J Hubbard Charles A 1898
Roberts Thomas Dickson Harriett 1873
Roberts Thomas E Zinn Lova L 1924
Roberts Velma F Varner lawrence L 1936
Robertson Andrew J Lee Ella 1890
Robertson Annie Pierce Benjarmine B 1894
Robertson Bessie R Shepherd Lewis Melvin 1919
Robertson Clara R Pierce Goerge M 1887
Robertson George Daugherty Venia 1892
Robertson James M McMillan Patricia H 1922
Robertson John D Johnson Sarah E 1879
Robertson Mary Louise Wiseman James E 1894
Robertson Reva Velva Listrom Rueben R 1934
Robertson Robert D Lewis Bessie A 1919
Robertson Rose Armeta Osman Elmer 1893
Robinett Diana Cage Thomas 1887
Robinson Anna M Lawrence Ray T 1927
Robinson Callie Smith J D 1897
Robinson Charles A Smith Grace 1894
Robinson Charles E Jones Ila P 1923
Robinson Charlie B Yocam Hazel 1937
Robinson Edith E Fowler Harvey 1916
Robinson Emma Doane Bert 1888
Robinson Eva Harbaugh Yost E 1910
Robinson F P Welch E Pearl 1913

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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