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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Robinson Frank J Pearson Gertrude A 1925
Robinson Isaac Hahn Eva 1870
Robinson Jim E Cozine Lena M 1921
Robinson Leola Reynolds W J 1915
Robinson Maretta Baker J E 1877
Robinson Mary Harder C J 1888
Robinson Mary E Rowland Harvey L 1932
Robinson Robert A Jenkins Mollie 1931
Robinson Sam Cartee Elizabeth F 1932
Robinson Viola L Brickley Dennis L 1927
Robison Gladys L Baysinger William D 1930
Robison Nellie T buckbee Gabriel C 1923
Robison Virlea B Smith John W 1932
Robison Willard Smith Ethel M 1926
Roblez Maria Billolpando Erculono 1926
Robohn John A Ely Louise 1936
Rocher May Sullivan T J 1919
Rockhill Harold O Murphy Frances E 1936
Rockhill Mamie F Vaughn George H 1926
Rockhill Ray Martin Lucile 1929
Rockhold Amos E Kraft Christena M 1902
Rockhold Jennie V Brandley Thorn D 1900
Rockwell Helen Shirley turner Otis D 1937
Rockwood Alice C Coleman L w 1888
Rockwood Anna K Kyser W M 1899
Rockwood E F Simmons Mayme A 1899
Rockwood Maude E Dumwiddie I F 1888
Rockwood William F Stuebenhofer Sophia 1888
Rodgers William Lee Alvina 1891
Rodrigez Manuel Medina Guadelupe 1924
Roe Jane Hammer Reuben E 1928
Rogers Earl K Morris Amy 1898
Rogers George E Blackwell Lulu T 1911
Rogers J L Reinhart Mary 1930
Rogers Ruth C Leland Eugene J 1926
Rogler Adaline Gosler N 1891
Rogler Adelinee C Beedle Carl C 1911
Rogler Annie Yeager George W 1864
Rogler Beth E Hutchinson Dewey G 1925
Rogler Clarence C Swift Emily 1881
Rogler Henry W Sauble Maude A 1901
Rogler Irene J Palenske Victor 1930
Rogler James Harris Nettie 1884
Rogler Jennie Wood David W 1901
Rogler Kattie Crisman George 1894
Rogler Lawrence E Thompson Bessie L 1924
Rogler Maude E Armstrong Ralph W 1907
Rogler Roland C Gibbs Marjorie 1932
Roles Willard S Kingery Lillian B 1926
Rolinds R C Anderson Sarah 1914
Rollinger Sue M Humphrey Robert B 1919
Rollins James C Colton Beulah V 1921
Rollins W W Lister Emma 1887
Rollins William T Bentley Mildred Bell 1911
Rolls Anna Short Earle S 1919
Romigh Alice C Gamer Edward J 1891
Romigh Elizabeth Brandley Henry 1870
Romigh Geneva Childs Edward C 1878
Romigh Louis E Henderson Lucinda 1879
Rongee Martha Miller Charles D 1882
Roniger Charles C Allen Anna H 1911
Roniger Fred F Tyler Cora A 1907
Roniger Mary Drummond John A 1911
Root Albert F Pratt Aura 1903
Root Blanche Edwards Orlan 1933
Rosannes Anna G Anderson Axel L 1888
Rose Clarence M Kenedy Sadie 1892
Rose Eleanor Greenwood Clarence 1935
Rose Harry A Estes Mertice 1891
Rose Helen M Murphy Vincent W 1931
Rose L A G Moore John V 1876
Rose Nora M Wright E W 1888

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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