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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Rosean Jennie Madson William 1935
Rosebraugh R S Courtright Bertha L 1917
Rosenquist Elvina A Daub Howard S 1934
Rosiere Helen M Coughlin James L 1928
Rosire Zedora Zeller Emma B 1909
Roso Luis Diaz Paublina 1913
Ross Rowena H Kennedy Thomas E 1900
Ross Wilber Fabray De[phia M 1906
Rossman Ethel Maxine Ray Arthur 1932
Rossman William J Cox Frieda L 1932
Rothermel Milton P Ice Mary A 1917
Rothfuss Albert F Martin Grace M 1919
Rotrock M W Gawith B A 1914
Rouhles Willie Sautjock Clara 1881
Rouin Rose G Wilson John D 1873
Rouse Charles A Parrish Irene 1928
Rouse Wilber Peterson Wilma Pearl 1934
Routt J W Fester Ivah 1913
Routt Charles L Prine Nellie M 1927
Routt Robert Prine Hannah J 1925
Routzing Enid Smith David 1902
Rowan Mattie Bay H E 1891
Rowland Harvey L Robinson Mary E 1932
Rowlands Homer D Smith Edith M 1936
Rowley Marjorie Hobbs George H 1937
Royer Harriet H Cross Elmer R 1928
Rubow Doris May Evans Albert Russell 1936
Ruby John Barnaby Ester Ann 1887
Ruckert Edward H Stephenson Mary L 1930
Ruckman James Ullum Elsie A 1924
Ruckman James C Ullery Viola 1924
Rudd Harold C Phares Vivian L 1929
Rude Halbert H Kennison Ella Mae 1902
Rufener Mildred Baier Joseph 1925
Ruhn Vern Wible Daisy 1917
Rumage John Simmons Ruth 1936
Rumbaugh Donald Walker Katherine 1921
Rumford M E Bugbee Eva B 1917
Rumford Elora Moss Chester L 1921
Rumford George B Hinkle Caroline 1890
Rumford Hannah Vancleave W w 1866
Rumford Lawrence E Huff Dora L 1923
Rumford Leonra A Baxter James C 1898
Rumford Minnie Zimmerman Christian G 1895
Rumford Rosa I Mood Carl I 1908
Runbeck G W Eckman Jessie M 1914
Runyon Harry W Bohannon Alice M 1911
Russell Bertha M Bakler Edward T 1929
Russell George A Jr Kindred Imogene 1937
Russell Marie wilcox Chauncery 1918
Russell Martha VanLoon Christian D 1914
Russell Maude Bird George 1899
Russell Minnie A Blackburn George 1886
Russell Nathan W Brandley Clara 1896
Russell Nellie V Blackburn J P 1884
Russell Robert Maddox Orea E 1922
Rust anise M Johnson L D 1886
Rutledge E L Jearoux George 1880
Rutledge Margaret Ann Mann Samuel O 1870
Ryan Emelia Maloney Richard 1881
Ryan Gertrude L Wolfe Lawrence 1938
Ryan Joseph T Kraft Lizzie 1897
Ryan Katie Mason Louis 1892
Ryan Leah E Miller Claiborn 1923
Ryan Loretta M Scholler John 1921
Ryan Lottie McCabe James 1892
Ryan Loydette Scott clyde W 1936
Ryan Marguerite B Walling Dr Richard J 1931
Ryan Mary G Prendeville Garrett 1905
Ryan Nora M Davis Leo 1917
Ryan Rolla J Lamunyon Fay A 1926
Ryan Vera E Schmidt George W 1937
Ryan William O'Byrne Bridgett 1880

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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