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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Ryberg Pearl Edith Fagan John Roy 1934
Ryder Byrtle Judd Karson w 1903
Ryman Ben Gunkel Lena 1920
Saffer George W Denham Margaret 1909
Saffer Orville O Peterson Annie J 1907
Saffer Gladys F Thomas Ted 1912
Sage W E Makin Georgia 1915
Sager John Patton Nancy 1891
Saindaon Lucy V Swafford Francis J 1911
Salaway Mariah Patton John 1890
Salchow Margaret Ann Green Walter 1916
Sale Grace Jones Virgil H 1910
Salisbery Silas Venn I M 1882
Saliz Crus Casaliz Luis 1924
Sallee Helen M Ransford Hascall 1881
Sallee Mary A Parker William H 1881
Salmon Eleanor Jones J Brodie 1938
Salser J M Covad Mary 1918
Salser Earl B Hunt Edith 1908
Salser Mary L Cline Levi 1912
Salser Nellie V Hines Lon O 1909
Salsman Georgia E sherrets Alex F 1923
Salthouse Virginia L Beatty William A 1932
Sample Ula E Grainer Carey F 1927
Samples Marjorie Watchous Henry L 1928
Samples Mary Willis arthur 1883
Sampsel Clara Kilgore Hugh W 1887
Sampson Clarence Wesley Kehler Hazel Elizabeth 1933
Sampson Effie A Sherffius William Lee 1920
Sampson Emma H Smith Merle F 1929
Sampson Gladys A Wagoner Fred E 1926
Sampson L Lee Kent Leonard 1930
Sampson Mary E Parker Merrill L 1928
Sampson Minnie Campbell James B 1896
Samuel Walt L Parker Ruth 1913
Sanborn Harry Wenderoff Lola 1938
Sanders Anah E Mustard Paul F 1910
Sanders Dellamay Smith Clarence 1904
Sanders Elsie Wellborn Paul R 1918
Sanders Fannie O Burlingame Charles E 1884
Sanders John Skidmore Affie 1891
Sanders John B Howard Mabel G 1892
Sanders John V Wilson Anna 1881
Sanders Lela Smith Riley 1916
Sanders Nellie A Seigle Andrew T 1937
Sanders Roy H Neiman Agnes 1931
Sanders Walter Barth Anna M 1923
Sanders William Crissup Mary J 1870
Sanford Ann Twining B M 1898
Sanford Fremont C Boyd Maud M 1906
Sanfords J C Ludwig Lillian B 1878
Satchell Julia E Dean Elza H 1925
Satchell Vernon E Rees Florence H 1926
Satterley Ethel Fitch Charles A 1919
Sattler Walter E Jones Mary Jane 1929
Sauble David Farris Susie 1875
Sauble E L Mercer Hannah 1878
Sauble Edward A Farris Susie 1894
Sauble Katie Brown James P 1893
Sauble Lizzie Sayre W A 1888
Sauble Mamie Tarbet Arthur 1906
Sauble Mattie E Ford Marion B 1904
Sauble Maude A Rogler Henry W 1901
Saunders Virginia M Wessel Evert D 1927
Sautjock Clara Rouhles Willie 1881
Saviors Orville F Spellman Hazel E 1922
Sayer William Griffith Rosa 1894
Saylor Laura E Wolfenbarger Hoyt 1923
Sayre Alva W Weston Eva 1893
Sayre Charles A Farris Alice J 1895
Sayre Earnest E Whetherholt Rosa E 1913
Sayre Frank M Smith Blanche 1900
Sayre Helen Pauline Irwin Walter Parker 1933

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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