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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Smethers Beth D Ward William H 1919
Smethers Emma Rider C C 1914
Smethers Fred Rider Dotie 1894
Smethers Iva L Everhart E L 1907
Smethers Myrtle Ruth Myers Maurice B 1923
Smiley George H Spencer Mary C 1885
Smirl Agatha DeWitt Aubrey I 1930
Smith A Burcher Susan 1879
Smith Ada L Foster William E 1932
Smith Ada V Sheridan James R 1926
Smith Alice Davis V E 1927
Smith Almeda Phillips Ernest A 1937
Smith Alpha J Grimwood Frank L 1923
Smith Amanda Hagan John 1916
Smith Angeline Malone Scott 1882
Smith Arrow Laylon Minne 1891
Smith Audrey Loomis Carl 1936
Smith B H Place Bertha M 1936
Smith Bernard L Dow Dorothy D 1929
Smith Blanche Sayre Frank M 1900
Smith Blanche M Mushrush W Roy 1923
Smith C M Vale Grace 1914
Smith Carl E Morse Dorothy Mae 1934
Smith Cecile M Bastin Clifford E 1928
Smith Charles W Baldwin Stella 1890
Smith Charlie O Sherffius Gertrude B 1922
Smith Clarence Sanders Dellamay 1904
Smith Clyde F Bennett Faye A 1938
Smith David Routzing Enid 1902
Smith Donald E Powell Florence 1935
Smith Dwight H Irwin Grace 1906
Smith Earl G Thompson Hazel R 1936
Smith Edith M Rowlands Homer D 1936
Smith Edward H Marshinsky Josie P 1915
Smith Ella May Smith Frank B 1923
Smith Ellis Winner Sarah A 1865
Smith Elmer G Leabo Marie 1890
Smith Ervin M Bookstore Carrie 1882
Smith Ethel Darby Harry W 1935
Smith Ethel M Robison Willard 1926
Smith Eunice Margaret Hudson Clarence Hugh 1934
Smith Eva A Evans George P 1930
Smith Everet G Workaman Clena M 1924
Smith Everett K Martin Louise B 1930
Smith F E Copeland Isabel 1869
Smith Ferne Pool Verle E 1937
Smith Frank A Kinnison E 1896
Smith Frank B Smith Ella May 1923
Smith Franklin Gosser Agnes 1915
Smith Fred Moore Ila F 1926
Smith Fred E Lattin Viola A 1920
Smith G O Colvin Nellie 1916
Smith George Burke Mry 1901
Smith George E Day May C 1895
Smith George Thomas Hasker Genevieve M 1934
Smith Gertrude L Dryden James A 1921
Smith Gladys K Mundy Jesse L 1913
Smith Glenie Hower Paul 1936
Smith Goldie Pine Walter L 1921
Smith Goldie I Cox Alexander P 1921
Smith Grace Robinson Charles A 1894
Smith Harold F Specht Katie 1923
Smith Harold J Bevan Velva D 1937
Smith Hattie Johnson Lawrence 1884
Smith Hazel Shaffry Charles W 1909
Smith Hazel P Overfield Ray C 1924
Smith Helen Durling Claude 1914
Smith Herbert Swift Crystal M 1936
Smith Howard H Lybarger Grace 1904
Smith Hulda M Barrington Frank H 1879
Smith I E Frank Henry A 1879
Smith Ica Harader W E 1905
Smith Ivan Carson Eileen 1936

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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