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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Smith J B Baker Emma 1902
Smith J D Robinson Callie 1897
Smith J H Nickles Amaelia 1901
Smith J Sarinda Self` Martin E 1879
Smith James H Myers Auaiw S 1889
Smith Jane Bayer Ed 1935
Smith Jennie Locke C O 1880
Smith John C Sherffius Susie E 1887
Smith John C Wilson Julia 1884
Smith John E Langendorf Reta B 1912
Smith John H Lilly Doris Maurine 1933
Smith John K Snyder Effie 1918
Smith John W Drawbaugh Anna A 1882
Smith John W Robison Virlea B 1932
Smith John W Bowman Phyllis B 1931
Smith Juanita Smelling Cleo 1935
Smith Justin D Duty Lucile H 1937
Smith Katherine Goll Elmer E 1919
Smith Lawrence Bennett Veramae 1935
Smith Leaetta F Stinson Charles F 1922
Smith Leanetta Fink Lewis A 1905
Smith Lena B Hobble Wilvur D 1936
Smith Lewis H Carter Twyla R 1938
Smith Lizzie Davis George E 1887
Smith Loren E Peterson Selma E 1923
Smith Lottie Campbell W J 1918
Smith Lucy E Brady Frank H 1921
Smith Lula Bear Alpha 1912
Smith M Mabel Bracey Pennington Matthew Levi 1915
Smith Maizie L Wolevr Keith 1931
Smith Marie C Martin Harry L 1935
Smith Marie K Love Earl 1923
Smith Mary Love Ira 1919
Smith Mary A Williams G w 1865
Smith Mary A Olds Clifford B 1926
Smith Merle F Sampson Emma H 1929
Smith Mildred E Heinz Mondo 1936
Smith Minnie Morris George 1887
Smith Morris Richard Colwell Helen Lorrina 1934
Smith Myrle E Allen Helen Marie 1927
Smith Nannie Stanbrough Gilbert 1916
Smith Nellie F McMinds Andrew P 1894
Smith Pearl Adams W M 1933
Smith Percy T Symes Lorene E 1938
Smith Peter Bostic Mattie 1890
Smith R M Oles Celia 1871
Smith Ray W Jones Mae E 1925
Smith Riley Sanders Lela 1916
Smith Rosebery Lawson Agnes M 1926
Smith Ruby M Stephenson Henry H 1912
Smith Sarah Giddings Frank S 1878
Smith Sarah Ann Majors Anderson 1879
Smith Stella Rice Fred L 1895
Smith Thomas J Hackathrone Opal 1922
Smith W S Shaft Mary 1864
Smith Willa Stanbrough Lester 1920
Smith William Wallors Ann 1871
Smith William H Olds Mildred L 1928
Smith William H Richardson Ruth E 1931
Smith Wilson Hulett Mary Ellen 1919
Smithers George W Wiseman Rose Anne 1898
Smithers Minnie Kline William K 1900
Snavely Melina England Joseph M 1894
Snedden Charles I Heck Lula M 1908
Snedegar Audrey Brandley Harry 1907
Snedegar Curtis C Mollohan Ester L 1921
Snedegar Estaline Steele Lynne 1937
Snedegar William Bocook Ella 1886
Snell Ruth Brewer Orion C 1918
Snider Katie Elmore John A 1897
Snode Lyda Graham J S 1895
Snode William L McNamer Ella 1898

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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