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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Snodgrass Clemence P Harbour Mary A 1886
Snodgrass Ferne K Carpenter A r 1920
Snodgrass Mary E Wingfield Herbert S 1925
Snorgrass Thomas S Serls Belendia L 1895
Snow Ova C Graham Hattie M 1931
Snow Vivian N McKinney Levi 1923
Snowden E F Andrews Amanda A 1896
Snowden Eri Freeman Pringle Sittra Jane 1866
Snyder A M Merwin J M 1922
Snyder Anna B Grogan Joseph F 1912
Snyder Dorothy E Gabriel Robert E 1902
Snyder Earl H Bransletter Gladys 1935
Snyder Effie Smith John K 1918
Snyder H C Moon Mitta J 1903
Snyder Henry E Allen Alice H 1867
Snyder Leslie J Watson Gwendolyn M 1920
Snyder Truman Wheat Freda 1928
Soibseller W F Wilhite Etta 1892
Soice Mary Shaft Martin 1878
Somers George W Winters Rida Maria 1895
Somerscales Permelia Starkie Frederick 1872
Sorce Sarah A Garland Frank S 1874
Souks James Fone Mattie 1881
Sowers John T Herring E J 1879
Sowers Fannie K Drew Edward W 1934
Soyez Harriette Shumate Harvey 1920
Spady Gladys K Woodruff Robert E 1923
Spady Lillian M White George L 1929
Spady Raymond J Holden Anna Mildred 1935
Spain Bessie E Yoakem Marion T 1928
Spain Zelda Grace Fillmore Edward William 1934
Sparks Hazel Viola Drake Robert Victor 1934
Sparks A L Setliff Melba E 1937
Sparks Kris Aletta Wisler Clyde C 1934
Spaulding Dorothy E Ray Jermiah Harold 1934
Speakman Mamie J Wood Albert L 1932
Specht Katie Smith Harold F 1923
Speece Pearl W Guthrie Verne H 1927
Speer Carl C Carrier Virginia 1938
Speer Della Hunter Richard C 1891
Speer Guy P Springer Clara 1902
Speer Silas L Whitcraft Mildred L 1909
Spell Maggie E Bennett Adolph F 1885
Spell Rella Kennedy John 1898
Spell W S Howser Maggie 1879
Spellman Hazel E Saviors Orville F 1922
Spellman Henry Back Anna 1892
Spence Charles W Torence Carrie 1907
Spence Leona E Burton Edward O 1936
Spence Minnie L Banks George F 1904
Spencer A E Lamb Leola M 1916
Spencer Earl B Siler Minnie A 1896
Spencer Edna Young Harlan 1915
Spencer Emma Payne Joseph 1888
Spencer Harry Austin Lula E 1892
Spencer Helen Chapel Dwight 1882
Spencer James M Hacker Delilah 1906
Spencer Mahala E Lang Harold S 1932
Spencer Mary C Smiley George H 1885
Spencer Myrtle E Hayes Perry G 1921
Spencer Philip Hotchkiss Elizabeth 1890
Spencer T C Cochran Mary 1905
Spencer Thomas C Heskett Osa J 1928
Spencer W H Hazell Emma 1883
Sperling Marjorie George Noble 1935
Sperry Arthur M Radig Effie V 1928
Sperry Roy W Goll Nellie 1933
Spiker Harold M Laubach Ruth 1925
Spiller Joel Dickson Blanche 1915
Spitler Carriey R Harbour Dora 1913
Spitler Kittie A Holdeman David K 1908
Spitler Martha L Pierce E S 1917
Spivey William B Walters Elsie 1914

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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