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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Spohn Venetta E VanSickle Frank L 1896
Sponsellor W F Wilhite Etta 1892
Spooner Etta E Perry John H 1888
Sprague Icy Curtis Calvin M 1929
Spreitzer Minnie L Primm H C 1883
Springer Clara Speer Guy P 1902
Springer Ella A Stanbrough Alvin 1899
Springer Rosetta Sharp Thomas W 1886
Springstead Wallace Himes Maybelle 1891
Sprung Rubye R Richards David E 1921
Spurgeon Elizabeth R Prest9n Jackson 1872
Spurgeon S M Wikoff Anna B 1888
Spurlock Mary E Stout Keith H 1935
Stack Fred Pearce Lizzie L 1888
Stack Peter Brecht Christina 1879
Stack William H Watkins Bessie E 1903
Stadley Flor A'Dell Goracker 1893
Stafford Frances Knight Harry 1921
Stafford James Orville Martin Dorothy Mae 1934
Stafford Leonard A McEnterfer Bernice M 1927
Staghner Robert Lewis Weakley Frances 1934
Stainbrook Lenora Bryson E 1887
Stair Carol P Nichols Bernice F 1925
Staley Clara Miller Howard 1935
Stamback Leonard W Ludwig Susie 1909
Stamm Pearl Kater Henry John 1937
Stamp Ettie White Charles 1893
Stanbrock Lee A Grubbs Bessie 1906
Stanbrough Alvin Springer Ella A 1899
Stanbrough Bessie McClellan John I 1919
Stanbrough Gilbert Smith Nannie 1916
Stanbrough Lester Smith Willa 1920
Stanbrough Luther L Philbrick Susie J 1892
Stanbrough Zarion Varner Alta J 1903
Stanbrough Zarion W Krueger Nadine Ada 1938
Standiford Albert R Henderson Stella Mae 1925
Stanford Mary E Match Charlie A 1874
Stangle Mavis Cecilia Stewart Ralph Clifford 1932
Stanley Albert D Allison Edna E 1907
Stanley Clyde H Hanson Hazel Emma 1916
Stanley Miles Corn Lizzie 1890
Stansbury C T VanHuss Addie 1919
Stanton Asa Allen Eunice H 1876
Stanton Rowena Harris Elmer R 1923
Stanzel Erma L Phillips Jack 1929
Staples Lizzie Comstock Samuel 1886
Staples Lydia E Comstock Samuel 1900
Staples Marion Rix Elzora L 1890
Starbeck Hugh A Weiland Ethel G 1925
Starkey Fredrick William Book Beatrice Jean 1938
Starkey Harry Williams Mary J 1902
Starkey Inez Isabel Swanson Lester D 1925
Starkey Roena G Patterson Cecil C 1928
Starkey Tedrow R Weaver Harriet H 1930
Starkie Frederick Somerscales Permelia 1872
Starr Florine Bush Orval Kenneth 1938
Starr Joseph A Gibson Ruby E 1930
Starr Lorena Burnes Wesley 1930
Starr May Shaffry Henry 1907
Statton Maurice F Burns Ola J 1927
Stay Jennie R Henderson Thomas I 1892
Steadman John Bayer Agnes A 1893
Steadman Justus W Bookstore Margarett L 1895
Stearns Harry C Rice Grace G 1927
Steele Ed Jones Julia 1913
Steele Lynne Snedegar Estaline 1937
Steele Mildred Cannon G Gordon 1937
Steen Alfred H Willits Esther L 1933
Steen James W Jr Volz Ettie Helen 1929
Steenis Alta Faye Herrick Leo Edwin 1933
Stehlik Tony Lewis Estella 1915
Steinhoff Dorothy Liddle Adelbert M 1936
Stelle Samuel Simmons Jessie 1897

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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