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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Swafford Francis J Saindaon Lucy V 1911
Swaim Daniel W Clements Grace M 1933
Swan Henry Goodreau Nona 1909
Swank Andrew J Cox Goldie 1931
Swanson Alvin C Whitford Cecil E 1933
Swanson Andrew Winner Rocksey Ann 1866
Swanson Charles W Freeburn Jessie M 1907
Swanson Dora Messer George 1888
Swanson Earl Groff Aopal 1935
Swanson Edwin Perrine Pauline E 1929
Swanson Grace N West Carl W 1926
Swanson Leroy C McCabe Ruth 1930
Swanson Leroy C Thomas Grace E 1928
Swanson Lester D Starkey Inez Isabel 1925
Swanson Ruth B Schuler Herman J 1937
Swearingen Lulu Jackson Taylor C 1925
Sweeney Albert J Fogarty Sylva S 1909
Sweet William Arthur North Hilda M 1931
Swehla Carrie M Jewett Samuel E 1932
Swengle O J Hahn Nannie 1888
Swenson Fred L O'Daniel Eva 1924
Swenson Katie E Wilson Clyde R 1905
Swenson Lee J Hawkins Jennie 1936
Swenson Ross William Matile Evelyn G 1934
Swift Charles W Baker Inez M 1898
Swift Crystal M Smith Herbert 1936
Swift Elmer Ray Thompson Evelyn Lucille 1934
Swift Emily Rogler clarence C 1881
Swift Freddie Cox Jennie 1907
Swift Furtis Jones Anna S 1884
Swift Mable Julian Harrison 1912
Swift Sidney D Harrison Larance 1901
Swindall William M Lee Cora Bell 1914
Swint E H Oran Alice G 1913
Swint John M Francis Opal G Sears 1929
Swisher Lucille Francis John A 1925
Swope Lee M Hillert Mary Louise 1889
Swope Lorena A ImMasche Edward C 1899
Sylva Ethel Vance Millard S 1922
Symes Edna E Garrison Clarence H 1911
Symes Lorene E Smith Percy T 1938
Syring Herbert F Miller Josephine 1927
Tackitt Ira D Mitchell Maude 1913
Tade Nell G Lewis W A 1915
Taggart Charles H Dergerf Marie 1885
Taggart Hermance Newhouse Wren 1913
Tait James B Barr Marjory M 1927
Talbert Besstena Jones Ina Eva 1909
Talbot Adda Leach Abraham V 1890
Talkington John C Brown Nellie A 1885
Talkington Anna Gaddie Francis M 1889
Talkington Bert Waidley Emma F 1891
Talkington Cecil Oma Bangs Irl F 1913
Talkington Ethel M Dawson George E 1913
Talkington Frank W Drinkwater Mable P 1906
Talkington Hazel Frey Frank S 1920
Talkington Jennina Miller Cyras A 1899
Talkington Jessie Mackey Joseph 1903
Talkington John B Wood Ella D 1885
Talkington Kenneth G Lane Sophronia 1929
Talkington Leslie O Bechelmayr Edith J 1923
Talkington Mabel Crowel John E 1904
Talkington Mable E Dawson Thomas O 1911
Talkington Maud M Baker August W 1895
Talkington Sophia L Lewis O H 1894
Talkington Viola I Bafford John R 1905
Tanner Edward W Dart Hattie E 1891
Tarbet Arthur Sauble Mamie 1906
Tarbet George F Upton Gladys 1916
Tarr John B Pettit Amanda Melvina 1891
Tarrant Andrew Fent Laura B 1919
Tarrant Andy T Wagner Kathleen A 1918
Tarrant Edna Haskell F G 1913
Tarrant Glenn O Bush Maryanna S 1936

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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