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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Tate David Cox Ada A 1926
Tate David Elison Sarah E 1891
Tate Christos G Krueger Frances E 1929
Tauglis Louie Brunson Marjorie 1937
Taylor O A Balcaen Emma 1918
Taylor Alice Crawford Joseph L 1881
Taylor Anna Clark J B 1883
Taylor B Frank Blackwell Cornelia 1909
Taylor Benjamin F Dennison Waneta 1934
Taylor Beulah M Glenn Dean S 1932
Taylor Cecil R Bassett Marguerite B 1930
Taylor Darrel A Grover Midred M 1937
Taylor Dorothy M Weimer Louis E 1932
Taylor Ernest E Matthews Julia V 1926
Taylor Fanny Ervin Ralph 1937
Taylor Grace E Boling Luther D 1930
Taylor Guy N Moss Abbie E 1924
Taylor Harvey I Cooke Alice C 1929
Taylor Jimmie E Bruce Dorothy E 1927
Taylor Laverne Burton David 1929
Taylor Louis Kenneth Hanes Lucy Catherine 1934
Taylor Mary Johnson W H 1888
Taylor May Nelson Elmer A 1918
Taylor Meridith G Gurney Phila I 1924
Taylor Mildred E Carrier Elmer D 1924
Taylor Millie Eastwood W R 1924
Taylor O A Balcaen Emma 1918
Taylor O Alice Johnston E B 1890
Taylor Orisa Pendergraft Calvin 1880
Taylor Willard E Ferrel Alice May 1912
Taylor Willard P Brunner Ida E 1933
Taylor Willard P Richter Naomi H 1928
Taylor William R Ford M Evelyn 1930
Teal Goldie S Hill Lillard 1933
Teat Florence C Montgomery Ralph D 1914
Teat Walter J Maloney Josephine 1918
Tecter Lila P Dwelle Donald J 1927
Teel Dorothy M Lattin Voil E 1928
Teere Virgil L Critchfield Opal 1920
Tefft Charles A Harr Mabel 1924
Tefft Clifford G Parker Ethel E 1924
Teitz William F Dunkin Martha 1906
Telfer R B Beer Dorothy Eileen 1937
Telfer Catherine E Hollar Orville R 1936
Telfer James J Beer Evelyn J 1931
Ternstrom Sara L Hultquist Julius E 1936
Terry Thomas Patterson Nettie 1888
Teter Mary C Anderson Joseph M 1930
Thackrey Joseph E Burkholder Aileen R 1928
Thayer Genevive M Wright Wilber 1923
Thero Carmen Schweers Forrest C 1936
Theye, John W Aldrich Bessie M 1906
Thiessen Bernice Keller William Henry 1934
Thimm Theodore F Stewart Rema 1928
Tholen Virginia Ballweg Carl A 1936
Thomas Amanda Hull Frank L 1902
Thomas Anna Hubbard L C 1901
Thomas Ben J Fent Nellie A 1906
Thomas Cappie C Metcalfe Mannie R 1911
Thomas Charles C Kerwin Anna G 1907
Thomas Christian C Hancock Hazel M 1923
Thomas Esther A Windle Charles H 1932
Thomas Fred Cobb Ada 1937
Thomas Grace E Swanson Leroy C 1928
Thomas Guy Brau Rosa 1899
Thomas Henry P Barr Eunice M 1877
Thomas Isaac Ardnt Pauline 1882
Thomas Jemima Adila Reyer Daniel T 1889
Thomas Jennie A Shipman C F 1885
Thomas John D Bailey Ruth 1923
Thomas John E Wolcott Lilla M 1930
Thomas John U Mustard Nellie M 1900
Thomas John U Sayre Jesse M 1902
Thomas Kate Williams Evan R 1890

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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