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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Titel Maude E Hardesty Orlo W 1923
Title Eliza Watchous C Charles 1889
Tittle Eliza Craig Robert 1891
Tittle Ruth E Trayer Paul C 1927
Tittle Sherman Erwin Ethel B 1902
Tittle William A Tryron Minie M 1908
Titzer Delila Ann Hill Wakefield 1866
Tobler Harold E Ogden Lenora Fay 1932
Tobler Rose F Prost Albert 1931
Tobman Etta Garrison Newton 1886
Toburen Helen Francis Isaacs Jim Edward 1934
Todd George L B Cates Edith E 1887
Todd Samuel Bennett Mary 1893
Tolbert Irvin S Boylan Mary 1904
Tomlinson William Partridge Sarah Ann 1873
Toms Dewey Goodell Arabella 1930
Toms Jacob Toms Mary Alice 1885
Toms Mary Alice Toms Jacob 1885
Tonsant Pauline Johnson Algernon T 1908
Topping George Grinnel Louisa 1887
Torence Carrie Spence Charles W 1907
Torrence Fay Fisher C A 1919
Torrence Gertrude M Crow James C 1923
Torrence Marjorie I mercer William T 1920
Torrence R J Wilhelm Emma C 1920
Torrence Stella R Dryden Robert E 1923
Torrens Alice E Gunkel Glenn G 1924
Torrez Gavino H Lopez Luisa 1926
Totsche Thelma H Powell Perry O 1928
Totten Cecil H Moore Nettie H 1924
Townley John Holmes Henrietta 1918
Townsand Nellie Gill J F 1876
Townsend Alva Jones Ann 1876
Townsend Elizabeth M Hoover Marion K 1927
Townsend Martha Lewis G C 1935
Train Cora A Bruce Joseph F 1893
Traner Gladys I Martin Edward J 1924
Traner Louis R Jenkins Rosa 1920
Traner Ona M Miser Guy P 1923
Travis Robert Winch Margaret T 1908
Trayer Chloe Riggs Vernon H 1930
Trayer Paul C Tittle Ruth E 1927
Traylor Ruth Lockard Thomas A 1932
Treest Mabel Cross Clarence 1918
Trester Dora Stroud Charles E 1893
Trevey Hale Montgomery Houghton Grace Margaret 1908
Triemer C Herman Kellogg Mary Louisa 1889
Triemer Ernest H Biltz Thodora C 1909
Triplett Anna Maud Macalpine D A 1903
Triplett Guy Park Gertrude 1889
Tripp James W Crawford Laura 1874
Tristy Jaques Schley Frederique 1883
Troxel Eunice M Lash Harmon E 1926
Truex Everett L Byram Jennie 1912
Truitt Helen C Gamer Joseph F 1931
Trujilio Catarino Martinez Louisa C 1934
Trumble Grace Thompson Warren E 1893
Trundle Clara R Buffon George W 1898
Trusler Alta P Boydston Claude E 1906
Trusler Homer Tipton Amanda H 1910
Trussell Arthur Crisup Mae 1924
Trussell Floyd S Nichols Dorothy M 1921
Trussell Glen Hewes Fay 1935
Trussell Maude M Clay William M 1907
Trussell Nancy E Bafford Orville E 1927
Trussler Thelma G Berends Everett S 1928
Truxal Alvey K Rhoades Irene F 1930
Tryron Minie M Tittle William A 1908
Tucker Albert Crocker Gertrude L 1893
Tucker Flora M Lind Peter H 1904
Tucker Jessie L Lawrence George W 1933
Tucker M B Holmes J A 1886

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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