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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Vinson Evelyn M Evans James C 1933
Vinson Hattie M Thompson B S 1904
Vinson Henrietta Martin James 1877
Vinson Julia Butler Isaac C 1895
Vinson Minnie M Ferren William C 1910
Vinson Samuel C Kingery Georgia G 1909
Vinson T G Hite Isabelle 1921
Vinson Varian Brumbaugh Frank E 1928
Vinson William H Haraden Mabel M 1902
Vinyard William Perry Anna 1877
Viveroz Felica Chuga Pedro Le 1928
Vogael Clell R Malm Evangeline B 1932
Volkman August Barton Ann E 1883
Volz Ettie Helen Steen James W Jr 1929
Volz Mary K Houghton Albert W 1927
Voorhees Elsie L Scheck Herman F 1931
Voorhees John David Jones Maude Martin 1934
Wacker Glenn H Kline Waive L 1920
Waddell Herbert E Wilcox Mary M 1908
Waddell Lewis E McNee Mabel J 1911
Waddell Robert M Gurney Elva Irene 1937
Waddell Woodrow Wilcox Martindale Frances May 1934
Wade F W Haulman Blanche 1918
Wadsworth Arilla E Merrill Edward W 1922
Wadsworth Horace C Bishop Susan 1889
Wagner Christian Kuddes Mary 1890
Wagner E M Brady G R 1918
Wagner Grace I Shaft Elvis P 1921
Wagner Kathleen A Tarrant Andy T 1918
Wagner Lenord Schwilling Dorothy M 1936
Wagner Leonard Scott Mary F 1922
Wagner Lewis Wilke Gertrude 1936
Wagnor William Landsbury Mary E 1867
Wagoner Betsy Lansbury Benjamin T 1868
Wagoner Claude E Plummer Donna M 1927
Wagoner Faye Calvert Rauburn 1928
Wagoner Frank C Hamilton Maud 1904
Wagoner Fred Harlan Rosa 1905
Wagoner Fred E Sampson Gladys A 1926
Wagoner Henry Lammon Nancy M 1868
Wagoner Henry Fleming Louisa 1872
Wagoner Maggie E Pracht Henry 1906
Wagoner Maxine M Kirk Meredith A 1937
Wagoner Stella B Johnson Arville 1897
Wagoner William H Gurney Fanny 1915
Waidley Clarence S Straus Erna 1905
Waidley Emma Messer William F 1906
Waidley Emma F Talkington Bert 1891
Waidley Hattie L Peper Richard F 1906
Waite Earl Gilman Olive G 1928
Waldron Emeline Duell John K 1897
Waldron W W Banks Mary E 1881
Walfram William Eldred Addie L 1882
Walker Alice Lewis Milton 1898
Walker Andrew J Madden Lizzie 1903
Walker Arthur F Collins Myrtle 1907
Walker Bertha Foxworthy Homer 1910
Walker Bertha J Ingles Chris A 1922
Walker Edith P prettyman John A 1921
Walker Edward Cox Ella M 1887
Walker Francis M Csou Irma 1883
Walker Grace Kelley Jack 1923
Walker Hazel L Mercer David B 1937
Walker Katherine Rumbaugh Donald 1921
Walker Leola Leslie Preston 1934
Walker Louise McWilliams J W 1875
Walker Louise C Henning Cornelius W 1892
Walker Mary J Granger Walter S 1907
Walker Obert G McCurry Ollie 1905
Walker Ralph E Hiatt Ruth E 1929
Wall Ethel L Davis Walter S 1924
Wall Paul J Cooper Della 1918
Wallace Blacher Hesket Nannie 1884
Wallack Austin H Giddings Edna 1917

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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