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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Watson Anna M Frey Otto L 1910
Watson Arilla Fox Banford 1900
Watson Bertha Cannon Frank 1913
Watson Clarence C Hinckley Ida E 1874
Watson Cora E Ballew McKenry 1908
Watson Cora L Clark Edgar M 1877
Watson Cora M Kennedy Ralph L 1911
Watson Edna A Patterson Charles L 1918
Watson Frankie Dibble Robert M 1895
Watson Gertrude J Brown thomas H 1919
Watson Gwendolyn M Snyder Leslie J 1920
Watson Harold Schulz Madaline 1935
Watson Hattie Buckley G W 1894
Watson Hattie Naylor Willis B 1906
Watson James E Howard Emily 1919
Watson John H Jackson Hattie 1893
Watson Lurina Stockton Gillman 1879
Watson Mary E Crawford Joseph L 1873
Watson Mary L Parker H D 1887
Watson May E Gaury George F 1881
Watson Nancy J Biege Nathan 1882
Watson Nellie J Clarke Charles C 1889
Watson Rena Patton Albert S 1896
Watson Spencer P Rafferty Catherine 1893
Watson Spencer P Rafferty Cathern 1896
Watson Stephen C Finn Ella 1871
Watson Walter Judsen Mary H 1865
Watson William C Coleman Mary Ann 1888
Watson William M Ace Hazel 1919
Watts Sallie F Scribner A Z 1879
Waworth Edith I Edmiston Ralph 1921
Way Maude K Park Clyde R 1906
Weakley Frances Staghner Robert Lewis 1934
Weatherbee E Hazel Hostetter Harry E 1915
Weatherbee Myrtle A Black T w 1920
Weatherbee Paul L Newton Ethel L 1915
Weaver Audra E Frew George V 1903
Weaver Ella McPherson Leo H 1914
Weaver Harriet H Starkey Tedrow R 1930
Weaver Ida J Drinkwater O H 1876
Weaver Preston Slown Valera F 1922
Weaver Verl C Forester Frieda E 1936
Webb Eva Frances Park Efer William M 1935
Webb Homer S Harlan Thelma 1918
Webb Lyman M Allen Berniece V 1933
Webber Bertha VanCleve charles 1899
Weber W J Shaw Lillie M 1898
Webster Alice J Osman Frank 1884
Webster Charles Morgan Margaret 1936
Webster Charlotte V Evans Hollis P 1924
Webster Ina Cooper Albert E 1921
Webster Maggie M Dale Arthur J 1910
Weed Eleanor Olson Ted 1924
Weed H B Goodell Emma M 1875
Weeks Bessie M Davison E G 1920
Weeks Olive E Lehnherr John D 1924
Weeks Vaneta Setty Albert Reed 1934
Wegley Stewart T Arnold Adah C 1924
Wehrenberg Clara ImMasche Walter Arthur 1927
Wehrenberg Elizabeth Brecht Henry 1910
Wehrenberg Herman Paulsen Christine 1927
Wehrenberg Ida J Schmidt John 1913
Wehrenberg John Lubbe Catharan 1880
Wehrenberg Maria Schmidt G 1913
Wehrenbert Henry Ohm Johanna 1887
Weibrecht Gertrude E McDonald Claude Ray 1912
Weichold Augusta Hensche Gustave 1906
Weiland Ethel G Starbeck Hugh A 1925
Weimer Louis E Taylor Dorothy M 1932
Weir Zula L Stout Laurel A 1933
Welch E Pearl Robinson F P 1913
Welch Emma B Stricklen Paul A 1931
Welch Mary A Kline George F 1880

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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