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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Wellborn Paul R Sanders Elsie 1918
Welle Ida J Hiner Frank V 1908
Wellman Audrey Cooper Lee 1932
Wellnitz Rose E Kiene Albert H 1928
Wells Clora E Rensink John D 1930
Wells Emma J flowers Joseph F 1911
Wells George Balmer Flora J 1886
Wells John J McCallum Agnes D 1920
Wells Kipling M Hyle Leona 1923
Wells Thomas R Johnson Laura J 1895
Wells Veatricew H Daines Clarence M 1938
Welsh W C Shelley M E 1904
Welsh Clive A Woolwine Mamie R 1906
Welsh Maxine M Winn Gerald 1930
Wenderoff Lola Sanborn Harry E 1938
Wenderott Pearl Barrett Ger. W 1936
Wendt W F Musch Martha 1927
Wessel Evert D Saunders Virginia M 1927
Wessel Henry D Williams Elvira 1928
West Carl W Swanson Grace N 1926
West Charles T Estes Mary 1905
West William White Josephine 1903
Westerdale Arrena Lee Clint 1895
Westfall Dora Ferguson John H 1925
Westfall Edith Daubs Geroge E 1901
Westfall Gladys L Gastil John R 1925
Weston Bertha Riggs James M 1897
Weston Edith Nicholson Samuel 1895
Weston Eva Sayre Alva W 1893
Weston George C Ratliff May 1937
Weston George C Ward Josie 1895
Weston Mabel Heckendorn Enos R 1901
Weston Mary E Schroger Carney M 1896
Westover Verel C Vining Alberta
Wetherholt B E Mercer Sarah E 1887
Weyant Rudolph Bowersox Vada C 1932
Whalen Freda Snyder Truman 1928
Wheat Harry L Scott Era 1936
Wheat Mildred Wilson Thomas F 1926
Wheatherholt Daisy sheridan Walter B 1918
Wheatley Emma L Morris John 1880
Wheatley Tutor Banfield Edith V 1935
Wheatly Mary Barnett rueben 1881
Wheeler C H Moffit Anna 1883
Wheeler Carrie Perry John 1902
Wheeler James H Becker Catharine A 1893
Wheeler Jay Moore E B 1883
Wheeler Lewis H Selves E Grace 1924
Wheeler N V Mann J J 1935
Wheeler Stella M McCoy Bertman U 1905
Whetherholt Rosa E Sayre Earnest E 1913
Whetstone Merle A Reader Emmett S 1933
Whinery Joseph L Brown Ethel M 1914
Whipkey Ernest F Crouch Grace 1908
Whipkey Hugh E Lyles Eliza J 1905
Whisler Richie C Nichols Fern A 1926
Whitaker Charles Randal Mary 1867
Whitaker Blanche R Graham Lee K 1923
Whitaker Charles Service Bertha B 1929
Whitcraft Lenna R Sloyer Jesse E 1919
Whitcraft Hazel Foster Arthur 1937
Whitcraft K Constance Stephenson Jacob A 1908
Whitcraft Mildred L Speer Silas L 1909
Whitcraft Sabre C Evans Delma P 1912
Whitcraft Viola E Lockard Ernest E 1932
White Albert E White Mary M 1922
White Anna Mae Armagost John J 1926
White Archie E McCready Edith B 1910
White Avaline M Endly Harold H 1928
White Ceaser Cox Georgia 1898
White Charles Stamp Ettie 1893
White Charles D Morgan Virginia 1904
White Charles D Perry Ellen 1885
white Charlotte E hjays E L 1880

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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