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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
White D J Stephenson M R 1888
White Dorothy Gailey Wilburn D 1938
White Dottie May Nichols Theodore Henry 1927
White Elizabeth Plummer William 1883
White Eva Belle Hildebrand S M 1938
White Floyd E Lougue Ruth A 1919
White Geneva Thorp Raymond 1937
White George Ricketts Josie` 1895
White George L Spady Lillian M 1929
White Jessie Crupoper Perry 1888
White Joseph M James Iva A 1901
White Josephine West William 1903
White Julia E Jones William A 1911
White Landy Hawkins Alta 1911
White Lena Delmar Henderson 1935
White Lewis E Heaney Alice 1938
White Lucile A Hysom Prentice E 1931
White Lucretia T Cooper George W 1884
White Marie Holscher Edgar Lewis 1937
White Mary A McDonald Uramus 1884
White Mary M White Albert E 1922
White Mildred Carpenter Frank P 1927
White Myrtle Brassfield Ellsworth 1937
White Myrtle H Linsea claude H 1928
White Nancy A McGrath John J 1862
White Neva Britain Ted R 1922
White Paul S Sisson Lavonna 1938
White Robert Daub Josie 1897
White Sherman Fowler Florine 1906
White Stella M Hart Donald T 1921
White Vera M Byram Guy E 1910
White Warren W Shepard Lena D 1928
White Wilma A Dimon Lester W 1933
Whitehead Jennetttie Crouch William M 1890
Whitehurst Amos T Myers Mary F 1908
Whitehurst Max H Logan Larene M 1936
Whitehurst Maude L Richards Hugh 1933
Whitehurst Nida Helen Verlin Lloyd Edward 1934
Whitford Cecil E Swanson Alvin C 1933
Whitford Fern A vess James E 1932
Whitlock Carl W Shumate Mina 1909
Whitlock Ella Sled John J 1913
Whitlock Glenn R McGregor Achsah O 1907
Whitlock Lizzie Crouthers Homer F 1900
Whitlock Rossie Hickman Charles 1897
Whitlow Evelyn Pinkeston Dewey P 1937
Whitmarsh Opal A Emberton Dean N 1930
Whitmer Gladys Lathros C B 1936
Whitney Edward B Giffin Sadie E 1906
Whitt William S Strong Ella L 1911
Whitten Lorena M Corvelle W A 1886
Whittington Dorabethel V Craig Harold L 1921
Whittington Ben B Shurter Emma 1926
Whitzoal Amelia E Baker Frank P 1884
Wible Daisy Ruhn Vern 1917
Wickem Saide A Field Fred D 1923
Wiebrecht Emma K King Edward E 1905
Wiebrecht Henry Gamer Catherine 1920
Wiederhold Margaret J Hensley Orville J 1937
Wigell Luella Hartman S H 1876
Wiggle Orlinda fink Ephraim 1875
Wihoff ruby J Thomason S O 1916
Wikel Helen Marie Morris Charles A 1930
Wikoff Anna B Spurgeon S M 1888
Wilber Marie J Freeby Wyman J 1927
Wilburn S W Sheets Elsie M 1915
Wilcox Arthur Heckenlively Lilla 1881
Wilcox Chauncery Russell Marie 1918
Wilcox Flora Arnold Don E 1908
Wilcox Julliette Stone Charles 1878
Wilcox Mary M Waddell Herbert E 1908
Wild Charles McCrabb Esther 1918
Wilde Thelma E Carson Ralph F 1925
Wilder Rose Adela Blanchard william G 1894

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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