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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Wiley L Roy Patten Esther May 1912
Wiley Martha Davis John S 1891
Wilhelm Emma C Torrence R J 1920
Wilhite Bernice A Beach Glen I 1914
Wilhite Clifford Bixler Bertha 1901
Wilhite Etta Soibseller W F 1892
Wilhite Etta Sponsellor W F 1892
Wilhite Jones C Joy Mary H 1926
Wilhite Roy Cleeton Ivol C 1922
Wilhoit J F Bruce Blanche 1914
Wilke Gertrude Wagner Lewis 1936
Wilkerson Addie Johnson Charles A 1894
Wilkerson Florence williams Raymond A 1923
Wilkerson Leland McMichael Minnie 1937
Wilkinson Alford Douglas Etta 1899
Wilkinson I D Murphy Eliza 1882
Wilkinson J L McNele Martha A 1928
Wilks Mabel Gist Noel P 1923
Willard Bessie Reier Frank H 1913
Willems Rose Preble John K 1925
Willey Alice Patterson Charles O 1895
Willey Frederick H Bradburn Eunice 1892
Willey Leona A Mood Milton 1930
Willey Mable G Drumm A r 1921
Willey Roy E Hayden Gertrude E 1919
Willhite Desmond R Blackburn Mae L 1920
Williams Alberta M Hume Milton S 1931
Williams Anna Daub Ulrich 1891
Williams Annie Brewer C M 1872
Williams Archer F Panick Dorothy M 1923
Williams Bertha Peebles Orville 1937
Williams Callie McComb George 1892
Williams Charles Deivert Majorie L 1935
Williams Dallie L Mallory Albert C 1900
Williams Dean E Funk Ver M 1932
Williams Elizabeth M Johnson Vernon J M 1925
Williams Elvira Wessel Henry D 1928
Williams Eva Surber B O 1936
Williams Evan R Thomas Kate 1890
Williams Fanny Hays Charles E 1886
Williams G W Smith Mary A 1865
Williams George Litsey Flora A 1918
Williams Harvey F Davis Thelma 1927
Williams Hattie Raynner Charles 1903
Williams Henry Fent Metta Leola 1912
Williams Henry Jackson Gertrude 1911
Williams J A Grandeen Lucile 1928
Williams Jane Leonard John K 1882
Williams Jennette Dell Charles N 1903
Williams John Ellis Lillie 1893
Williams John McCullouth Hariett M 1884
Williams John H Persall Leota Edna 1909
Williams Joseph A Shabb Laura J 1887
Williams Laura N Peebles Luther E 1932
Williams Lina Nennigs Isaac B 1909
Williams Lizzie McClean Albert C 1887
Williams Margaret L Woodard B C 1915
Williams Mary Hall William A 1921
Williams Mary J Starkey Harry 1902
Williams Merle Payne Anna 1937
Williams Nellie B Emerson Zolo A 1900
Williams Olpha Goley Oliver P 1901
Williams Ray B Betty Mabel R 1924
Williams Ray C Mastin Pearl M 1925
Williams Ray L Bentley Aline G D 1922
Williams Raymond A Wilkerson Florence 1923
Williams Richard Carter Dora 1912
Williams Riley Brough May 1898
Williams Roger Ellis Reed Viola Maude 1934
Williams Roger M Brecht Florence J 1925
Williams Rosie L Duff Jerone 1933
Williams W D Connacher Kate 1879
Williams W G Hollingsworth E A 1876
Williams W G Jackson Martha Ellen 1868
Williams Walter Rich Ruby Lois 1931
Williams William R Hicks Annie E 1882

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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