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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Williamson E J Johnston Mabel M 1918
Williamson J Russel Simmons Virginia Mary 1930
Williamson Randolph Pearson Lorena 1912
Williamson Zula Wright George L 1894
Willis arthur Samples Mary 1883
Willits Esther L Steen Alfred H 1933
Willson Alfred Greenup Ida M 1889
Wilmeth Estel E Tipton Dora E 1919
Wilmore Carl G Dartwiler Midlred L 1936
Wilmore Glenn Owens Grace 1915
Wilson A B Jones Nancy 1878
Wilson Adaline Littler E G 1918
Wilson Albert F Shaw Flora 1905
Wilson Alexander Level Della 1894
Wilson Anna Sanders John V 1881
Wilson Annie Jackson Hugh 1882
Wilson Arthur Mealey Effie M 1895
Wilson Audrey L Hermes C W 1924
Wilson C E Mead Martha Josephine 1920
Wilson Charles Ames Nancy 1921
Wilson Charles T Hostetter Ida L 1933
Wilson Clyde R Swenson Katie E 1905
Wilson D C Mahaffey Idabell 1918
Wilson E Gareth Hinden Helen M 1926
Wilson Edith Benninghoven curt 1924
Wilson Elic Michaux Ethel 1918
Wilson Elsie L Isaacs Geroge T 1927
Wilson Ethel Marie Hollow Francis Herron 1936
Wilson Florence E Richter Henry A 1937
Wilson Francis Livingston Isabelle 1935
Wilson George A Carey Thelma L 1932
Wilson James O Drummond Dottie 1898
Wilson John Durham Bertrawn 1904
Wilson John C Petford Bessie A 1908
Wilson John D Ward Mary E 1887
Wilson John D Rouin Rose G 1873
Wilson Julia Smith John C 1884
Wilson Laura Imogene Wright Wesley Hunter 1934
Wilson Lillian M Seyfert Albert T 1921
Wilson Lucy McClurg James 1879
Wilson Lucy D Coleman S F 1899
Wilson Margaret Yenzer Seward A 1905
Wilson Martha A Keller Wayne J 1935
Wilson Mary Lloyd Charles H 1885
Wilson Maude Brown William 1918
Wilson Opal M Strong Truman H 1937
Wilson Pencillia George Thomas 1904
Wilson R M Henderson Dora F 1884
Wilson Rowland Wayne Childers Nell R 1920
Wilson Thomas F Wheat Mildred 1926
Wilson Tillie Lewis J W 1914
Wilson Verna Lewis Frank 1924
Wilson Virginia M Lambert Leo A 1928
Winans C B Ault M I 1886
Winch Aseaneth Walton Leon 1908
Winch Margaret T Travis Robert 1908
Winchell Hollis E Wartick Juanita 1928
Wind Fred J Meath Hlen F 1920
Wind John Samuel Allen Mabel I 1934
Wind Lawrence A Chamberlin Toletta V 1921
Wind Mary G Bizal John F 1929
Windell May A Miller M S 1916
Windle Charles H Thomas Esther A 1932
Winfrey Gertrude Long Bennett E 1910
Wingfield George Brough Blanche B 1913
Wingfield Herbert S Snorgrass Mary E 1925
Winkler Versa Mailen Claude 1919
Winn Gerald Welsh Maxine M 1930
Winn Thomas Calders Augusta 1867
Winner Rocksey Ann Swanson Andrew 1866
Winner Sarah A Smith Ellis 1865

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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