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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Winters Annettie Turrle J M 1873
Winters Callie M Blakeman Ray F 1931
Winters Ella Hayden George M 1890
Winters Fred H Allen Grace M 1898
Winters George B Kelley Dora 1885
Winters Joseph Stringer Maude E 1893
Winters Lanston Giles Betty 1935
Winters Lloyd Bullard Stella 1903
Winters Lydia E Scribner Ridgel R 1896
Winters M T Bruce Clara A 1916
Winters Rida Maria Somers George W 1895
Winters Thomas E Allen Grace M 1898
Winters Virgil Ray Elizabeth 1935
Wirth L D Cunningham Clara Day 1915
Wisdom Clara Venning Daniel 1916
Wise Abbie A Costello John Henry 1863
Wise Augusta May Pinkney Charles C 1878
Wise Mary I Mautz Werner T 1923
Wise O F Thompson Edith 1936
Wisegarver Max Anderson Margaret N 1937
Wisel Jane McCabe Bernard F 1867
Wiseman James E Robertson Mary Louise 1894
Wiseman Jennie Drawbaugh George 1888
Wiseman Rose Anne Smithers George W 1898
Wiseman Walter R Kraft Dora 1894
Wishard James Martin Buchman Idamae 1936
Wisherd Minnie Heintz George W 1898
Wisler Charles S Back Rena W 1919
Wisler Clyde C Sparks Kris Aletta 1934
Wisler Roscoe Fisher Lannie E 1917
Witcher Thomas E Dell Mattie 1878
Wizer Philip Madden Margaret 1935
Wolcott Florence Petty J A 1915
Wolcott Lilla M Thomas John E 1930
Wolevr Keith Smith Maizie L 1931
Wolf Arthur Frank Kathleen 1921
Wolfe Lawrence Ryan Gertrude L 1938
Wolfenbarger Hoyt Saylor Laura E 1923
Wolfinger Florence G Martin John Henry 1921
Wolford Edna B Brickley Charles W 1929
Wolfram William Eldred Addie L 1882
Wolten Simon Payton Martha 1864
Wood Albert L Speakman Mamie J 1932
Wood Clarence D Bailey Emma 1886
Wood Clifton M Jones Malinda 1869
Wood David W Rogler Jennie 1901
Wood Dora Shope Charlie 1915
Wood Dorothy P Scott Clinton W 1932
Wood Ella D Talkington John B 1885
Wood Elwin C Hyle Dorothy M 1925
Wood Harold Pope Allen Dorothy Hope 1912
Wood Hila Beth Thurston Edward 1911
Wood Jerry Neals Margaret A 1884
Wood Lucile W Hiatt Dawson E 1908
Wood Nora E Thompson Dennis L 1896
Wood Paul B Cope Jessie Olive 1920
Wood Rachel Owens Arthur C 1921
Wood Ralph J Holsinger Florence E 1906
Wood Rhuy Holmes Harry C 1910
Wood Robert L Groves Ida Mae 1915
Wood Scott Coleman Anna 1898
Wood W R Sherffius Mary Ann 1879
Wood Walter C Channel Eunice 1901
Wood Will B McWilliams Zilpha 1874
Woodard B C Williams Margaret L 1915
Woodring Electa Stone Everett 1907
Woodring Grace M Hoover Delphus A 1907
Woodring Lena Hofman Charles 1881
Woodring Mildred Nine Petty Joe Alex 1911

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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