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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Woodroof Ina Mae Harper Charles O 1929
Woodruff Gladys K Mayes Charles H 1929
Woodruff Glenn C Brock Grace L 1935
Woodruff Mabel Monroe Roy L 1914
Woodruff Robert E Spady Gladys K 1923
Woodruff William A Davidson Myrtle B 1923
Woodward Leroy Bryant Edith 1920
Woodworth Jessie A Oles William N 1894
Woody Rosa Ratler William N 1888
Woolary Andrew Hokanson Agnes 1914
Wooldridge Kenneth W Harriott Dorothy F 1934
Wooldridge Lois Floyd Paul 1938
Wooley Lucile W Ransom James L 1933
Woolwine C W Conaway Elsie B 1902
Woolwine George W Austin Anna A 1907
Woolwine J R Leonard Anna M 1888
Woolwine Mamie R Welsh Clive A 1906
Woolwine W H Jones Jennie M 1900
Woolwine William H Stone Gertrude F 1903
Wooten Charles W Hollman Lucy P 1932
Wootens Clena M Smith Everet G 1924
Wootens J E Shaffer Nellie R 1884
Workman Charles W Petty Velvie Lee 1920
Workman Emma W Shank Andrew 1924
Workman H R Shelton Addie 1920
Workman Mina Gibson J S Jr 1920
Workman W Fred Collins Etta M 1901
Workman Zelma F Gilbert Tom L 1921
Worley Maude Ellen Bailor Archie B 1934
Worley Ruby Mae Long Ralph Chester 1934
Worrall Ambrose Rhoades Mattie D 1879
Worrell Carl Barker Edna C 1929
Worthington Henry A Cooper Alice F 1887
Woselsdorf Henry W Allen Leah E 1928
Wright A A Ericksen Addie L 1917
Wright Abby Miller John 1887
Wright Alice W Harlan charles K 1888
Wright Arthur W Notgrass Maude 1909
Wright Chester U Bulthuis Anna J 1923
Wright E W Rose Nora M 1888
Wright Flora E Moffitt Henry M 1913
Wright Frank R Brown Mabel Clare 1909
Wright George L Williamson Zula 1894
Wright Grace F Shumate Lee R 1926
Wright Harry Ames Miller Martha Ruth 1934
Wright M J Hawley J H 1890
Wright Martha J Patrick John K 1929
Wright Maud R Ramnsburg Archie S 1926
Wright Nellie R Hull David William 1907
Wright Wesley Hunter Wilson Laura Imogene 1934
Wright Wilber Thayer Genevive M 1923
Wright Willard W Pearce Effa A 1885
Wudtke Mary Gunkel George W 1937
Wurtz John N O'Neill Mary 1904
Wyatt Betha M Evans Ross A 1909
Wyatt Ella E Surry William 1886
Wyatt Pearl Alice Brown John f 1919
Wyatt William A Laport Gertrude Joy 1916
Wyatt William G Link Loretta 1887
Wyatt William Thomas Hulett Katie 1901
Wyer Mollie Almond Melvion C 1900
Wyhold Emma Koegeboehn John 1894
Wymer J R Albritton Mae 1919
Wynn Erwin L Lonergan Grace M 1931
Yahn Mildred M Cobb Walter J 1931
Yakle Minnie Fink Walter 1901
Yale Jenny Giffard Charles 1866
Yarbrough Winston Parmer Katherine 1935
Yates Lorinda Brant Adam 1879

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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