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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Yeager Charley D Schimpff Mary 1890
Yeager George W Rogler Annie 1864
Yeager Hazel F Cooper Frank L 1918
Yeager Hester Ann Manley Lucius 1869
Yeager Katherine A Jeffrey John F 1930
Yearout Gwendolin L O'Gee Edward M 1927
Yearout Helen Louise Turner Roscoe Lee 1934
Yearout J L Conley Jessie 1917
Yearout W E Housely Esther B 1918
Yeck Daisy King William 1902
Yenglin Susan Lyon A D 1884
Yenzer Alexander Foxworthy Elizabeth A 1886
Yenzer Ferdinand Browning Hattie J 1880
Yenzer Frank Homer Hazel Lavernia Bertha 1898
Yenzer Myrtle L Erickson John W 1909
Yenzer Seward A Wilson Margaret 1905
Yeoman Ada Hawthorne J A 1919
Yerkel A D Ervin Mary Ann 1886
Yoakem Cecil Merle Ingalls Viola Thel 1934
Yoakem Charles O Knob Nova A 1900
Yoakem Leona Parks Seth H 1928
Yoakem Lloyd G Slabaugh Alice A 1929
Yoakem Marion T Spain Bessie E 1928
Yoakem Percy L Bastin Mary L 1924
Yoaken Laura B Hitchcock A H 1891
Yocam Hazel Robinson Charlie B 1937
Young Augustus Pinkston Annie J 1870
Young Charles Zumbrunn Marie 1927
Young Clarasy Pinkston E W 1867
Young Cordyla E Gary Bruce G 1930
Young Frank M Campbell Elizabeth 1893
Young Genevieve E Pine Chester M 1928
Young Harlan Spencer Edna 1915
Young Harold Lieban Alberta 1936
Young Hary S Egan Marguerite M 1933
Young Helen Louise Scovel Leonard Ernest 1938
Young Henrie L Grimwood T J 1920
Young Herbert D Andrews Meda 1896
Young Mahlon Heck Mattie 1891
Young Marion Irene Meroney Thomas Nelson 1934
Young Mary Judd Frederick 1880
Young Pauline Glenn Robert O 1937
Young Pearl A McCallum George A 1933
Young Theresa Breese S A 1876
Youngreen Lena M Maxey Lawson A 1910
Yuncher Maude M Menegay Joseph E 1938
Yvarra Leon Auiardado Antonio 1931
Yvarra Vicente Garsia Gumeszinda 1929
Zahn W R Zimmerman Nessie May 1915
Zamrzla Anthony Pihl Edith A 1933
Zegler Angeline Miller Vinson R 1864
Zehner Burch E McNee Marguerite 1927
Zeller Emma B rosire Zedora 1909
Zellers Daniel C McCorkle Cella 1871
Zemek Josephine C Van Hole Frank X 1930
Zickefoose Charles T Hensler Anna C 1909
Zickefoose Georgia E Osman Ernest M 1912
Zickefoose Margaret A Byram J Lee 1911
Zimmerman Christian G Rumford Minnie 1895
Zimmerman Henry K McGhee Alvira 1890
Zimmerman Ira E Dotson Vera B 1932
Zimmerman James L Hall Dinah L 1903
Zimmerman John Ransford Mary 1890
Zimmerman Nessie May Zahn W R 1915
Zink Adeline E Parker Preston B 1931
Zinn Lova L Roberts Thomas E 1924
Zorn Mandy Brundage Errett G 1927
Zumbolt Corena Conaway J W 1883
Zumbrunn Marie Young Charles 1927
Zunica Juan Robeles Maria 1929

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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