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History of Chase County, Kansas

Abstracts of Leader-News
1899 - 1999

This history was abstracted by Patty J Donelson, Chase County Historical Society Curator.
Transcribed and indexed by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Coordinator

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     Nov. 12 1915 - Miss Gertrude Layport is teaching in the East Buckeye school this term.

     The naming of farms is becoming quite popular. There are at present just twenty-four farms in this county which has registered their names.

     Nov. 16 - Dr. Lancaster of Strong City has purchased the 100 acre farm of Clint Arnold, near Plymouth. The doctor expects to rent it.

     Nov. 19 - Chris Crawford & Lena Ballew, both of Clements are wed. Ada Daub & Wm. Newman both of Strong City are also married and will farm on the Daub place.

     Nov. 23 - Mr. E. W. Jeffery who is President of the Peoples Exchange Bank at Elmdale is an enthusiastic collector of rare coins.

     The Toledo school has the distinction of being the only rural school which has a victrola.

     Nov. 26 - Eugene Gamer & Helen Stubenhofer two of the best known young people of Strong City were married in the Catholic church.

     Nov. 30 - Walter Stenzel, a life long farmer of Elmdale, has died. Mr. Stenzel was 34 years of age. He was married to Sophia Flueler.

     Chase County is one of the three first counties in Kansas to plant alfalfa.

     One of the displays at last weeks Farmer's Institute which has doubtless never been equal before was that of 48 different kinds of grasses which was gathered from Chase County's pastures and farms. The collection was was made by Willis Sayre of Cedar creek.

     Dec 3 - Dudley Doolittle is no longer a bachelor, he married Zola Quillen in Kansas City. They will keep house in Washington, D. C. during the coming session of Congress.

     A baby girl is born to Mr. & Mrs Hod Johnson, its been named Elsie Fay.

     Dec 7 - Nearly 300 people attended the barn dance at Henry Rogler's. The barn is 40 x 70 feet in dimensions and one of the largest built in Chase Co.

     Geo. Whitcomb and his bride came home from their honeymoon and will go to housekeeping on Cedar creek.

     Dec 21 - Mrs M. P. Strail passed away at her home in this city. Mr. Strail died in 1911. Mrs Strail has lived in Chase Co. for 43 years.

     Joseph Allen was born to Mr. & Mrs Joe Schwilling of Saffordville.

     Several cases of scarlet fever is in the schools of Chase Co.

     Noble Easter is attending Agriculture College. Noble is from the Saffordville community.

     Dec 28 - A portrait of former State GAR Commander, W. A. Morgan, of this city has been presented to the State Historical Society at Topeka.

     The annual Saffordville Farmers Institute will be held Jan. 12, 1916.

     The holiday rush is causing the trains to run late.

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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