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History of Chase County, Kansas

Abstracts of Leader-News
1899 - 1999

This history was abstracted by Patty J Donelson, Chase County Historical Society Curator.
Transcribed and indexed by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Coordinator

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     Feb 15 1916 - What is doubtless one of the largest alfalfa hay orders ever shipped out of Chase county is now being filled by C. M. Gregory, of this city who is shipping 1000 tons. The price paid is from $8.00 to $12.00 per ton.

     The funeral of Mrs J. W. Easter of Saffordville, whose death-occured last week. Mrs Easter's maiden name was Maybell Noble.

     Mr. Walter Green and Miss Margaret Salchow, both of the Elmdale neighborhood, were married.

     Feb 18 - The Robert Brash will has just been admitted to probate. The value of the Brash Estate is estimated at about $100,000. $5,000 of this is bequeathed to help build a Masonic Lodge at Cottonwood Falls.

     Jesse Riggs receives $14.20 bounty on crows.

     Henry Fosdick, sixty-seven, a blacksmith man from Matfield Green died of cancer of the stomach.

     Feb 22 - David Daub twenty-four and Florence Brown sixteen, both of Strong City obtained a marriage license. The latter had the consent of her mother Mrs Lizzie Gayer.

     John Miller, J. B. Sanders, & Ed Gamer are the Executors of the Robert Brash Estate.

     Feb 29 - Chase county farmers will sow but little or no alfalfa this season because of the fact that alfafa seed is scarcer and demands the highest price to be known here in a good many years.

     Arthur Lawrence - Phone 92J can supply flowers for funerals, weddings, ferns and flowers of all varieties in season.

     Elmdale has a blacksmith shop again, Brocket & Drawbaugh having bought the shop and equipment of Billy Klein and are open for business.

     Mar 3 - Mrs Chas. West has rented rooms adjoining the John Frew loan office in the Capwell building where she will open a millinery shop.

     Chase county pastures in good condition now. Leasing is anywhere from $7.00 up to $8.75.

     Township Assessors are on the job, John Mann is the County Clerk with some of his assessor's named; T. H. McCabe; Bazaar, W. A. Albin, Toledo; W. C. Harvey, Strong City; Harry Brandley; Matfield; and C. A. Cowley, Cottonwood Falls.

     Mar 7 - March started with a five inch snow, where February had been one of the warmest and driest in many years.

     The box supper given by the city school netted them $100.00. John Trundle bought the highest box at $7.00. Miss Nevada Pyle was voted the handsomest girl present.

     Mar 10 - Alex Harbison of Clements finds the plain kind of cattle most profitable.

     A number of the stores of the city have dressed their show windows very appropriately for Baby Week. The Long Dry Goods Store, Ed Brandley, and both the Campbell and Hilton Drug Stores have good displays, anything for baby.

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Lorna Marvin

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