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History of Chase County, Kansas

Abstracts of Leader-News
1899 - 1999

This history was abstracted by Patty J Donelson, Chase County Historical Society Curator.
Transcribed and indexed by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Coordinator

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     Jun 13 1916 - The Cottonwood River is at flood stage. Heavy rains keep visiting Chase County.

     Born to Mr. & Mrs Wm. Laughridge on June lst. a boy.

     Jun 20 - The members of the Cottonwood Falls band will soon take up practice for the summer open air concerts.

     M. W. Gilmore who owned the old J. N. Riley farm died at Topeka.

     Jun 23 - Sealed bids to be received at the office of District Clerk, District #9, for the erection of a new frame school house - dimensions are 30 feet by 40 feet. Address all communications to W. H. Woolwine, Clerk, Saffordville.

     Jun 26 - Wages paid annually to privates in the Army is $180. It seems that many young men will not be tempted to join.

     Wm. Mercer is completing what is the finest farm residence in the south half of the county. It is built of vitrified bricks, and the residence is strickly modern.

     Jun 30 - The first drainage project for chase county has been authorized. Some of the farmers who are members of the drainage district are; J. E. Stout, E. A. Stout, G. W. Miller, J. W. Reed, Wm. Studer, Dudley Doolittle, H. R. & E. G. Littler and L. M. Vance.

     The annual school census just taken in 1915 shows 2,393 pupils in Chase county schools and the 1916 census is underway.

     Joseph Rettiger, forty-four years of age and a well known former resident of Strong City, died at his home in Los Angeles, Ca. Mr. Rettiger leave no family as he was never married. His mother Mrs Barbara Rettiger lives at Strong City.

     Jul 4 - The Appreciation Day celebration was given by the Strong City Merchants. Several hundred people from this section of the county were present to enjoy the event.

     Arthur Crocker of Bazaar is elected President of the Kansas State Herford Breeding Assoc.

     Jul 14 - The Matfield township held a township election to elect three trustees for their new rural township high school, they are; George Houser, Dr. J. F. Newell, and Mrs Henry Rogler.

     The big ruts in the road between this city and Strong City just north of the bridge has been a great source of worry to motor car drivers.

     Jul 18 - The county commissioners have decided to take all telephone out of the offices in the court house unless the officers want to keep them and meet the rentals out of their own pockets.

     Jul 25 - Wm. Mercer of Homestead will dedicate his new residence with a most unusual celebration upon completion.

     A. P. Brickell of Saffordville buys the Bradfield-Hathoway hardware stock in Saffordville. He sold his farm several months ago.

     Wm. Zickafoose, of Clements has just received notice from the U. S. Patent office at Washington, D. C. that he has been granted a patent for an automatic wing for a corn binder.

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