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History of Chase County, Kansas
Abstracts of Leader-News 1899 - 1999

     This history was abstracted by Patty J Donelson, Chase County Historical Society Curator, transcribed and indexed by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Coordinator, 2002 - 2003


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     Nov. 29, 1900 -- Death of Mrs Dr. Johnson, Carl Campbell, Middle Creek, Jacob Levi Jackson, & Barney Carlin.

     Frey of Cedar Point has moved to Clements.

     Born: Mr. & Mrs John Bell, Cottonwood Falls, a daughter.

     Granulated sugar, 20 pounds for $1, with other goods to amount of $5 at Garvin's.

     Marriage License to. Vernon B. North & Myrtle M. Johnson, Ernest C. Twining & Victoria M. Boyd.

     The Federal Census is completed and it gives Chase County a population of 8,249, a gain of 1300 over 1890.

     Dec. 6, 1900 -- Marriage: Ivy J. Breese to Prentice S. Thurston.

     Marriage License To; Fred E. Rider & Ella M. Mosier, Elmdale.

     A whist club was organized at Mrs Farrington's.

     Grovin & Smith Bros. are paying 22 cents per dozen for fresh eggs.

     Dec. 13, 1900 --Real estate transfer, C. J. Lantry to Strong City Literary & Musical Assoc. in Emslie's addition for $1.

     A steam power feed grinder is now in operation at Strail's Wagon and Blacksmith Shop.

     Henry Proeger & Frank Parker attended the annual reunion of the 11th Kansas at Emporia.

     Will Mann has bought the Put Evans farm, near Bazaar.

     Mr. Carter, recently of Topeka has opened a new drug store in Strong City.

     The 3rd. month of the Canaan school closed last week. Enrollment was 39.

     The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Consolidated Street Ry. Co. of Cottonwood Falls, will be held on Jan. 15, 1901.

     Dec. 20, 1900 -- Old land mark gone, the residence of Capt. Brandley, Matfield for thirty-odd years, was entirely destroyed by fire.

     Anna Zane was married to a gentleman named Snyder, James Shepherd of Strong City to Annie E. Farrell of Florence.

     Petty & Knapp, Grocers at Strong City.

     Dec. 27, 1900 -- Death of T. C. Harrison.

     Harry & Sid Breese and Dudley Doolittle are home from KU for the holidays.

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