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History of Chase County, Kansas

Abstracts of Leader-News
1899 - 1999

This history was abstracted by Patty J Donelson, Chase County Historical Society Curator.
Transcribed and indexed by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Coordinator

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     Jul 8 1931 - Drivers’ license law in a bad mess.

     The new Booster District schoolhouse is completed

     Jul 22 - No Chase County Fair this year. This action was taken for two reasons with the present low prices of farm products and the difficulty which everyone is having in getting money, the attendance would probably be very low which would make it doubtful if the receipts would pay the expenses of the Fair.

     The Den Creek bridge across Rock Creek northwest of Bazaar, which was dynamited several weeks ago has been repaired. The quilty party has not yet been found.

     Jul 29 - New electric light system being completed at Cedar Point. When everything is ready Cedar Point will have twenty-four hour “juice”.

     Aug 5 - A change in plans for holding a Fair this year. A one day only Fair is being planned. That way school, 4-H clubs, all young people will have a chance to exhibit their skills and projects.

     Eugene Hyson purchased the Peoples Cash Grocery from R. L. Shimp. A couple of weeks ago Mr. Hyson sold his billiard hall.

     Aug 5 - A hearing is to be held on closing of the Plymouth depot by Santa Fe.

     A Garden and Flower Club is organized at the home of Mr. Geo. Capwell, with some 20 ladies present. Some officers are: Mrs Geo. Capwell, president; Mrs Grace Blackburn, vice-president; and Mrs Louise Anderson, secretary.

     Aug 19 - Charles Humphrey opens an auto repair shop on the east side of Broadway.

     Aug 26 - Tax Commission changes county valuations.

     Thieves ruin the watermellon patch on the J. N. Riley farm, southwest of this city.

     Sep 2 - After nineteen years of active business in this city as one of the two dry goods companys of the town, the Henry Long Dry Goods Store closed its business.

     The ladies of the Kill Kare Klub entertained their husbands and friends with a dance and musical program and games.

     Sep 9 - The Plymouth depot will be closed on account of lack of business.

     Mr. & Mrs Nick Laloge have taken a boy and girl from the orphans home at Atchinson to raise. The boy is 5 and the girl 11. Their names are Carl and Gladys. Mr. & Mrs Laloge will keep the children on a six months trial and then expect to adopt them.

     Sep 16 - Ray “Slim” Cox was tried before Justice Arthur Lawrence and was sentenced to 30 days in jail for breaking his wife’s nose.

     Sep 30 - Mr. & Mrs E. B. Whitney of Hymer celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. The guests presented them with a silver water pitcher and a silver jardinere (a pot or stand for flowers).

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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