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History of Chase County, Kansas

Abstracts of Leader-News
1899 - 1999

This history was abstracted by Patty J Donelson, Chase County Historical Society Curator.
Transcribed and indexed by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Coordinator

†††† PAGE 247

†††† 1931

†††† Sep 30 1931 - The wedding of Nelson Simmons and Anna Monroe. Mr. & Mrs Simmons went to housekeeping in the house known as the old Simmons home place north of the river.

†††† Oct 7 - Mrs Edward Thurston of Elmdale has passed away. Mrs Thurston, whose maiden name was Hila Beth Wood, and was born two miles from Elmdale.

†††† Oct 17 - The business of G. E. Finley & Son will be closed out by an auction sale.

†††† Oct 21 - The Ellinor school house is destroyed by fire. The directors rent a Santa Fe building near the site for school to continue.

†††† Oct 28 - There are forty-four cases on the district court docket all of which are civil cases. There is not one criminal case on the docket.

†††† Births; Mrs & Mrs Paul Wood, of Elmdale, a baby daughter, named Olive Pauline; Mr. & Mrs Everett Beardmore, of Elmdale, a son named Clifford Dean; and Mr. & Mrs Jesse Long, west of this city, a baby girl.

†††† Nov 4 - Farmers along Cedar creek and in the Homestead vicinity have recently been pestered with petty stealing.

†††† Ad - Peoples Cash Store ó Raisins, 2 lbs. 19 cents; Tomatoes, 3 cans, 25 cents; peanut butter, 1 lb. jar, 15 cents; and coffee, 1 lb. 39 cents.

†††† Arthur Lawrence has a second crop of grapes the vines produced this year.

†††† 11-11 - Mrs. Wm. Mercer died at her home at Homestead. Mrs Mercerís maiden name was Hannah Brock. Mrs Mercer is survived by her husband and five children.

†††† Ellinor district plan to rebuild their schoolhouse.

†††† Nov 18 - Deaths; C. D. Yeager of Rock creek, Mrs Harriet E. Hudson, of Clements, and Nellie Eastman.

†††† Nov 25 - Lester D. Swanson, of Hymer and Howard Galentine are on the Emporia Teachers College football squad.

†††† Elmdale Rural High School closes a victorious season with a record of six wins out of seven games played.

†††† Dec 2 - Wallace Thurston of Elrndale and William Waddell of this city have been appointed by Congressman Homer Hoch as alternates for the National Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md.

†††† 12-9 The big football games for the benefit of the unemployed were played at Swope Park with both games ending in 0 to 0 tie. After battles in the snow and mud receipts come to $237.15. Teams were from Strong City and Cottonwood Falls.

†††† City and County both have woodpiles for the unemployed.

†††† Dec 9 - Karl Anderson of this city has been awarded the contract for the new Ellinor schoolhouse. His bid was for $2,370 for a frame building 30 by 30 feet and should be completed in 40 to 50 days.

†††† George Mealey who has for many years lived on the farm of Mrs Rose L. Rettiger, south of Saffordville was found dead in his bed.

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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