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History of Chase County, Kansas

Abstracts of Leader-News
1899 - 1999

This history was abstracted by Patty J Donelson, Chase County Historical Society Curator.
Transcribed and indexed by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Coordinator

牋牋 PAGE 397

牋牋 1989

牋牋 4𧛭989 Doug抯 Flowers & Gifts on K-l77, Strong City is getting a new business building erected.

牋牋 Apr 13 - Tests on courthouse roof prove presence of leaks.

牋牋 Maxine Pinkston resigns after 45 years of teaching in Chase County.

牋牋 Apr 20 - Steve & Lisa Eidman have a new son, Ross Thomas.

牋牋 Apr 27 - The speed limit on K-l77 highway, the 4 lane through the Cottonwood Falls area, was recently increased from 30 to 45 miles per hour.

牋牋 May 4 - Camp Wood to host the 6th annual Flinthills Bluegrass Music Festival.

牋牋 Deaths: Mrs Ray Riggs, Bruce Umberger, Alice Meyer, and George 揚utt Evans.

牋牋 May 11 - Mrs L. E. Croy and Mrs John Busselie celebrate 50 years of membership in PEO.

牋牋 May 18 - The Chase County Nursing Home to celebrate it抯 20th year next month.

牋牋 Mabel Harris, celebrated her 105th birthday at the Chase County Nursing Center, where she has lived since Nov. 1987.

牋牋 Jun 8 - A new competion, Rodeo Clown Bull Fighting was exciting at the Flint Hills Rodeo.

牋牋 Jul 6 - 33rd annual arts and crafts fair will be held at the Chase County High school.

牋牋 Jul 13 - Lloyd Soyez, Cedar Point was recognized for his 34 years of representation on the USD-284 school board.

牋牋 Jul 20 - Chase County has a new business in the Cottonwood Falls & Strong City areas. Rob Archer is the 揑ce Cream Man, making his rounds in his small truck a cushman "Meter Maid vehicle.

牋牋 Jul 27 - Kansas Graphics, Inc. will be making a move this fall to their new building constructed on K-l77.

牋牋 Kansas wheat harvest is smallest in 25 years.

牋牋 Aug 17 - Ruth Wilson has been hired at the Chase County Historical Society and replaces Kathryn Littler museum guide, who resigned after 8 years.

牋牋 The 2nd annual Flint Hills Ranch Rodeo was termed an excellent success.

牋牋 Aug 24 - The Emma Chase Cafe has been empty for over a year will soon be open and back in business

牋牋 Sep 7 - Jack & Janet Mailen Glanville are to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

牋牋 Sep 14 - Rue Thurston was presented a plaque for her 40 years of teaching in the Chase County schools.

牋牋 Sep 21 - Cottonwood river bridge may be condemned by engineering firm.

牋牋 Homestead residents have their say about county roads being maintained properly out their way.

牋牋 Sep 28 - Dale & Linda Starkey of Bazaar are the proud parents of a son, Cole Stuart.

牋牋 Oct 5 - Old river bridge not fit for pedestrian use. Six foot chain link fence will be placed at both ends of the bridge.

牋牋 Oct 5 - Commissioners to file suit on roofing company for work preformed on the courthouse.

牋牋 Oct 12 - The Chase County Leader-News has a new owner Mike O扤eal.

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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