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History of Chase County, Kansas

Abstracts of Leader-News
1899 - 1999

This history was abstracted by Patty J Donelson, Chase County Historical Society Curator.
Transcribed and indexed by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Coordinator

     PAGE 47

     Apr. 3, 1902 -- Lulu Evans has finished her school term at Canaan, and is attending the Normal.

     Apr. 10, 1902 -- Tom Baker has been employed as chief engineer at Schrivers mill.

     Street Commissioner Gray has raised the street crossings and put them in good shape

     Secretary Corvin say the drouth killed a million acres of wheat in Ks.

     Jess Kellog died and the funeral was under the auspices of Angoa Lodge I.O.O.F. of the Falls, of which the deceased was a member.

     E, & E. B. Green has purchased the Wilhite ranch near Bazaar.

     Elected as Strong City Mayor, J. A. Costello and J. M. Clay as Judge.

     Marriage License issued to: Henry G. Holmes & Mattie E. King; Wm. C. Stenzel of Elmdale & Lulu May, of Elk.

     April 17, 1902 -- Mrs Wm. H. Swank, formerly of this city, died in Kansas City of dropsy.

     The Masonic Lodge rooms have been thoroughly overhauled.

     A. M. White resigned as janitor of the court house and M. C. Newton was hired.

     April 24, 1902 -- Miss Julia Gregory, sister of C. M. & Wm. Gregory of the Falls has died.

     Mr. Smith & 0. M. Taylor have purchased Klotz's interest in the livery barn and will carry on the business.

     Jim White built a fine saddle for D. W. Eastman.

     Fine monuments have been erected in the Prairie Grove Cemetery. One is on John Bell's lot and the other one on the Faris lot.

     A petition is circulated to divide Falls township.

     W. S. Dennison aged 72 died of paralysis at his home on Fox creek.

     Sam Reifsynder who enlisted in the 20th Infantry over 3 years ago was dicharged in San Francisco.

     Marriage License issued to Amos E. Rockhold & Christina Craft both of Strong City.

     May 1, 1902 -- The original "snake killer" is sold only by Gillett & Ferlet. See the name on the beam.

     Pure Colorado honey, 15 cents a pound at Cowley's.

     The Y.M.C.A. will open their room opposite the State Exhange Bank.

     Mr. & Mrs Morris this city are the proud parents of a son.

     Marriage Licenses to: Frank R. Hull, of Elmdale & Amanda Thomas of Thurman; Frank E. Chesney of Cottonwood Falls & Grace M. Judd of Morgan.

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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