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History of Chase County, Kansas

Abstracts of Leader-News
1899 - 1999

This history was abstracted by Patty J Donelson, Chase County Historical Society Curator.
Transcribed and indexed by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Coordinator

     PAGE 82

     April 25, 1905 -- W. C. Roughton has severed his connection with the Courant & Reveille.

     Married Alta Byram to S. R. Campbell by Justice Way at his Home.

     Born to Mr. & Mrs James Mailen of Strong City, a daughter.

     Paul Cartter has bought the Witt Adair's residence and store building in Strong City. The Adair's will move to Kansas City.

     Mrs Robert White, daughter of Mr. & Mrs Wm. Daubs of Strong City has died at the age of thirty.

     April 28 -- A banner will be given to the County Sunday School in Chase County for their enrollment, the highest average daily attendance, and collection equal to attendance from May 7 to Nov. l. Also for receiv- ing the most new scholars.

     Dr. Hinden has started excavating for His new House in Strong City.

     Dr. E. P. Brown of the Falls has received a patent for a model of a solar engine.

     Ben Talkington of Bazaar has his lumber shed completed and if ready to put up His office.

     Owen Jones is giving the windows of the court room a scrubbing on the outside. The first time in the History of the court House, He says.

     May 2 -- City council instructed the Marshal that no loafing or card playing be allowed in the council chamber.

     The Strong City Dramatic Company put on the play Arizonia in the new opera House at Matfield, a ball followed. This building was built by Mr. Brandley.

     Lizzie Johnson of Elmdale and T. S. Haney of Iowa are married.

     Mr. & Mrs P. H. Lind of Saffordville are the parents of a girl. Mr. & Mrs D. L. Hilton of Strong City also a girl.

     Wm. Judd an old settler of Rock creek died at his home, leaving a wife & six children.

     May 5 -- Wm. Watchous and Stella Seegar both of Bazaar are married.

     May 12 -- F. M. Gaddie has two buildings blown down and his tenant house was somewhat damaged in the storm.

     Peter Byrnes say his boys killed ten rattle snakes in one day.

     Born to Mr. & Mrs Henry Rogler, a son.

     May 16 -- James O'Reilly was appointed City Treasurer for ensuing term at the Strong City council meeting.

     May 19 -- John Frew, Surveyor has established the sidewalk grade on both sides of the court House square and the two blocks south of it.

     The city authorities purchased an all steelgrader. It cost $75 and can be run by one team.

     A new son arrived at the home of Mr. & Mrs C. C. Cunningham.

     May 23 -- Sawed stone sidewalks are being put in the two towns, as fast as the quarries can furnish the stone.

     John Gibb resigned as postmaster at Hymer.

     May 26 - Postmaster J. B. Smith of the Falls gets a raise, increased from $1300 to $1400 a year.

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Lorna Marvin

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